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Swissvoice Epure V2 DECT White Designer Phone

Swissvoice Epure V2 DECT White Designer Phone


  • £63.75

Price ex-VAT: £53.13


In 2010, swissvoice revisited and reinvented the classical image a phone, and launched, the ePure, the first design and iconic phone on the market. ePure has become an icon in the home telephony market place, and remains THE reference in terms of telephone design.

ePure 2nd generation brings an even more pure, modern and clean design, combined with the latest in telephony functionality: low-emission fulleco® mode and high sound quality. Larger display and a navigation key for the ePure to offer maximum user comfort.

  • 1.8’’ backlit dot matrix display
  • Hands-free operation on handset
  • Full eco Mode : multi handset low radiation mode
  • Easy menu navigation thanks to the 4-direction navigation key
  • Alarm function : clock and appointments
  • Ringer and loudspeaker volume adjustable (5 levels each)
  • 10 HiFi melodies, deactivation possible
  • Keypad lockable
  • Handset Mute Function during conversation
  • Call activation by picking-up the handset from the base
  • Clock : time display
  • Personalized handsets by assigning different handset names
  • Paging key to locate lost handsets
  • Expandable up to 4 handsets
  • Call transfer internally and externally
  • Conference internally and externally
  • Directory for 100 entries
  • CLIP/CNIP : Caller number and name indication
  • Redial of the 10 last-dialled numbers
  • Call duration indication during a call
  • Pre dialling : enter the number before dialling
  • Low energy consumption power adaptor
  • Standard : PSTN analogue

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