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Office and Call Centre Corded Headset Buddy Training Kit

Simple Telecomms

  • £64.99

Price ex-VAT: £54.16


This Premium Buddy Switch Training Kit provides the ideal training system for any office or call centre environment. This training kit easily allows a trainer or manager to seamlessly join the conversation without any disruption to the caller or staff member.

This package includes 2 308s Monaural headsets which allow the users to confer during their call but still provides clear and crystal sound for the caller. Noise cancelling microphones on the headsets mean the caller isn't distracted by any background noise in the office and you can maintain a professional level of communication. The headsets can be worn on the right or left ear depending on the users preference.

This kit is a simple plug and play system which contains everything you need for easy installation and is compatible with all standard desk phones with an RJ11 U10P headset connection socket.
The Premium Buddy Switch in this kit allows two headsets to be connected to a telephone or telepad at the same time making it an ideal training device for office or call centre employees. The Premium Buddy Switch has 2 RJ11 headset connection points and 2 mute buttons - unlike other buddy switches these are named accordingly for headset 1 and 2 so that it is easy to ensure you are muting the correct headset and therefore eliminating the chance of the customer hearing your conversation. Compatible with all RJ11 headsets.


  • Kit Includes:
    2 Monaural Headsets - 1 Buddy Training Switch - 2 RJ11 Connection Leads
  • Noise Cancelling Monaural Headsets
  • 330°rotatable microphone arm - 180°rotatable joint of speaker and headband - 60mm adjustable pliable steel headband
  • Easy Connection For Trainer Or Manager
  • Connects To Any Phone With RJ11 U10P Headset Socket
  • Call Centre Training Kit
  • Connects 2 Headsets To One Phone Or Telepad
  • Allows Trainer Or Manager To Easily Join The Conversation
  • Comfortable And Adjustable Headsets
  • Noise Cancelling Microphones
  • Compatible With All Desk Phones With RJ11 U10P Socket
  • Labelled Headset Sockets And Mute Buttons
  • Thoroughly Tested In Office And Call Centre Environments


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