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Gigaset C620A Cordless Phone with Answer Machine and Nuisance Call Blocking


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Product Description

The Gigaset C620A features High Sound Performance, and ECO technology to help save energy.Click here to see a larger image.

Each Gigaset phone comes with a 2 year guarantee.Click here to see a larger image.

Gigaset C620A Cordless Phone with Answer Machine and Nuisance Call Blocking

The C620A combines stylish design with the innovative state of the art technology associated with Gigaset's range of phones, including our nuisance call blocking feature.

Key Features

There's Plenty to Talk About...

The C620A has a 26 hours talk time so you don't need to worry about running out of battery when talking to friends and family. The phone also has 530 minutes standby time, which really benefits households who forget to replace the receiver/handset after use.

Block up to 15 numbers with the nuisance call blocking key.Click here to see a larger image.

Nuisance Call Blocking

The C620A incorporates a dedicated nuisance call blocking key, which helps you to block and manage unwanted calls. Users of the C620A can benefit from a 15 number 'blacklist' option for persistent nuisance callers and the day and night switch silencing feature which can be set by time to ensure you are undisturbed when you need it most.

A full colour TFT display with choice of screensavers.Click here to see a larger image.

Phonebook and Caller ID

With over 250 Phonebook entries available you can add all of your friends and families numbers to the C620A. The C620A also has the ability to use CLIP technology to identify callers as they ring. If the caller's name and number have been saved in the phonebook, the caller will be identified by name. Please note; in order for this feature to work you must have caller display activated with your network provider. The phone is also easy to navigate using the shortcut keys and the large 1.8" full colour TFT display.

The answer machine records up to 55 minutes of messages.Click here to see a larger image.

Answer Machine

The Answer Machine function is easy to operate using the handset or alternatively on the base station, and with ~55 minutes recording time there's plenty of room for your messages.

Your Answer Machine can also be remotely operated, so you can check your messages when you're away from the house. You can individualise your answer machine message as you wish, and the phone also records the numbers from your last 20 missed calls, making returning calls quick and easy.

Is the Sound Quality Really That Good?

Hearing is believing. Gigaset take pride in the sound quality our phones deliver. We've created High Sound Performance (HSP) protocols to provide better sound quality than normal analogue landline phones.

Experience crystal-clear voice calls with HSP technology.

Great for Your Pocket and the Environment

Gigaset prides itself on trying to be as green as possible, which is why the phones include the ECO DECT energy saving technology in our phones. ECO DECT reduces the amount of electricity and radiation utilised by the phone when this function is enabled, saving you money and being kind to the environment.

The Gigaset C620A can be purchased in single, duo or trio sets.Click here to see a larger image.

More Great Features

With the C620A you can forward calls to your mobile when you're out and about using the call divert function. A baby monitor function is also included and can be accessed using the dedicated shortcut key on the keypad of the handset - great for when you're looking after little ones.

The Gigaset C620A features hands free and baby monitor modes.Click here to see a larger image.

If you've got your hands full you can also use our high quality hands free speaker function - a great feature for all multi-taskers.

Setting Up Your Gigaset Phone

All Gigaset phones come with a user guide explaining how to use each of the features on the phone you have purchased. As an added benefit we also have a quick start up guide, so if you are eager to get your phone up and running quickly you can get to know the additional features in your own time.

Multiple Handsets for Your Home

If you require more than one handset for your home, the C620A can be purchased as a single, duo or trio set. You'll only need the one telephone socket whichever option you choose. The C620A is available in single, duo, trio and additional handset options.

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Key Feature

Great Value Phone

With Nuisance Call Blocking

Big Buttons for Easy Visibility

Touch Screen and Keypad Combined

Keep in Touch in Style

Phonebook Entries






Talk Time/Standby Time (hrs.)






Answer Machine Recording Time (mins.)






Hands Free Calling






Screen Size






Day/Night Switch






Nuisance Call Features

Anonymous Call Silencing

Nuisance Call Blocking
Anonymous Call Silencing

Nuisance Call Blocking
Anonymous Call Silencing

Special Features

Large Display

Baby Monitor

Big Buttons
Extra Large Fonts

Touch Screen and Keypad Combined

Touch Screen
Digital Picture Frame

At Gigaset we recognise the importance of quality conversation with friends and family and insist on making each telephone the best in its class. Whilst appreciating the importance of aesthetics in the design process, the real emphasis is based on sound quality and the provision of crystal clear conversation. Combining style with value for money, the brand's multi award winning home phones are designed by German engineers to offer easy to use models with brilliant sound, reliability, high performance and quality technology.

Box Contains

1 x base station
1 x handset
1 x power supply
1 x phone cable
2 x AAA batteries
1 x user guide

  • Call Blocking and time controlled call silencing
  • Address book up to 250 entries, each with 3 numbers, email address and reminder dates
  • Long talk/ standby time of up to 26/530 hours
  • Large colour 1.8" TFT 6 line user friendly screen display
  • Brilliant HSP sound quality, even when talking hands-free

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