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Gigaset A540A Cordless DECT Phone with Answer Machine White Triple

Gigaset A540A Cordless DECT Phone with Answer Machine White Triple


  • £99.99

Price ex-VAT: £83.33


The Gigaset A540 is an attractive landline phone solution with a built-in answering machine. The handset features a beautiful design, and includes a large, high-contrast display and lighting with colour options.
The 1.8" high-contrast colour display on the A540A is a delight for the eye and offers a choice of four display light colours. You can select contacts to show as a VIP call with individual melody and display colour - 20 ringtones are available on the handset and 6 on the base. With this option you will know who's calling even when the phone takes a message for you if you are unable to answer the call.

The A540A has an easy-to-use telephone book with space to store names and numbers for up to 150 contacts. The useful display shows the number or name as a call indication or message notification. You can use a timer to deactivate your ringtone with the day/night mode, with this feature enabled your phone won't ring when someone calls, but your answering machine will still take a message. VIP calls will stay activated so your loved ones can still contact you in urgent cases. In general anonymous calls can also be suppressed so calls are only shown visually.

The Gigaset A540A ensures you hear every word in stunning crystal clear HSP sound with the sound system of the Gigaset A540A cordless phone. You can easily multitask while enjoying hands-free conversations or listening to the crystal-clear messages on your answering machine. 5 volume levels on the handset and hands-free mode allow you to set the volume according to any noise situation or individual mood. The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset A540A consumes less electricity, so it's kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet.

The Gigaset A540A is a feature packed model but keeps everything simple for the user. An ideal model for any home.

  • 1.8" High Contrast Screen
  • Integrated Answering Machine With Up To 20 Minutes Recording Time
  • VIP Call With Individual Melody And Display Colour
  • Display Lighting Offers Four Colour Choices
  • 150 Entry Phonebook
  • 4 Colour Schemes For Display Illumination
  • Customised Ringtones And Display Colours For VIP Calls
  • Night Mode: Time Control For Ringtone Silencing
  • Illuminated Keypad And Display
  • Caller Display
  • Date, Time And Call Duration Display
  • Anonymous Call Silencing
  • Battery Status Display
  • Missed Call List: 25
  • Last Number Redial: 10 Entries


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