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Gigaset A125 Single DECT Telephone Black

Gigaset A125 Single DECT Telephone Black


  • £13.99

Price ex-VAT: £11.66


The Gigaset A125 DECT Telephone is the best value home phone on the market. The A125 is an affordable phone that answers your calling demands - plain and simple.

The Gigaset A125 handsets have user-friendly keys with sensitive pressure points to make dialling effortless, and reading the display is just as easy, as they are illuminated and graphical.

You can begin using the Gigaset A125 directly out of the box. Plug & play setup means that the handset is pre-registered to the base station; allowing you to begin using the phone as soon as the Gigaset A125 is plugged in.
Once you begin, you never have to worry about the phone wearing out, as it offers a long talk time of up to 18 hours and a long standby time of up to 200 hours.

The Gigaset A125 stores practical information to make your calls really easy to make. It records the past 25 missed and received numbers as well as the past 10 numbers you entered for quick returned and redialled calls. You can save the numbers of up to 50 contacts in the phonebook to keep friends and family reachable within seconds on the Gigaset A125. Useful tools Immediately access the information you need throughout the day on the Gigaset A125. It indicates the date and call duration of conversations, and the alarm function lets you program a reliable reminder whenever you need one. The Gigaset A125 also features a caller ID function, keeping you informed about who is trying to reach you.

The Gigaset A125 Telephone is a must buy for anyone looking for a straightforward home phone with all the features needed on a daily basis.

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