Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System - TWIN – Simple Telecomms Ltd
Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System - TWIN

Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System - TWIN

Simple Telecomms Ltd

  • £799.99

Price ex-VAT: £666.66


The EP801 Twin includes the main telephone and 1 additional EP801H Handset to extend the telephone system. The Radius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System Offers more coverage than any other consumer rated cordless telephone in Pan- Europe. Multi-functional cordless system offers walkie talkie like functionality which operates independent of the base station. Users can take the EP801 handsets with them for a handy quick and efficient alternative to communications. The Radius EP801 will not interfere with today's wireless networks, unlike your traditional 2.4 or 5.8 Mhz models available in todays market. The Radius EP801 cordless systems can be setup in a matter of minutes for basic Extreme Range coverage. The Radius EP801 system can start out with only (1) handset and expands to (9) handsets as needed. The Radius EP801 can cover up to 25,000 sq. ft / 10 acres / 6 floors of penetration dependent upon building construction.

  • Long range, up to 2 kilometre range - Outperforms ALL DECT model phones (greater range than 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz)
  • Expandable - up to 9 handsets and 4 bases (1 base and 2 handsets included, the 2nd handset also includes a charger pod and power supplies)
  • 2 way intercom radio between handsets (can use EP801H and EP802H additional handsets)
  • Keypad and Hands-free Speakerphone on Base Unit
  • Multi-floor coverage, can penetrate concrete, wood and Drywall

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