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Cpr Big Button V201 Call Blocker

Cpr Big Button V201 Call Blocker


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The CPR Nuisance Call Blocker with Caller Display works on any home phone line (even with additional handsets and broadband) and is the solution to stop any unwanted call. It is easy to set up and use letting you decide who you want to speak to.
The CPR Nuisance Call Blocker with Caller Display is pre-programmed with 200 numbers which are deemed as 'known nuisance callers' by The Call Prevention Registry and will block any call originating from any of these numbers. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centres, automated sales lists and scams are all pre-programmed which will minimize the sales calls you receive as soon as it is connected. There is also room to block a further 1,000 numbers or area codes via the 'Block Now' button giving you a 1,200 number capacity. By touching the 'Block Now' button an unwanted callers number is logged into the unit's memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. Use this feature to block unwanted callers as they are calling you. Extra blocking functions on this unit allow you to block withheld callers, overseas callers, Skype/Internet calls, spoof callers, area codes, any group of numbers and international calls.

Block Calls Using the Call Blocker Or Your Phone Handset

As requested by our customers this model has the ability to remotely block nuisance callers simply by pressing #2 on cordless extension handsets. Other features with this model of call blocker include display of number calling, counter showing how many numbers have been blocked, counter showing how many times a blocked number has tried to get through to you, display of type of call blocked, view list of blocked calls and you are also able to remove any numbers you may have blocked accidentally. Please note: Caller ID needs to be activated on your telephone line for this product to work.

Block Nuisance Calls Now with CPR Call Blocker and Caller Display

The CPR Nuisance Call Blocker with Caller Display is Police approved and protects you from scam calls, nuisance calls, PPI calls, silent calls, harassment calls, withheld calls, oversea's calls, cold calls and spam faxes. The CPR Call Blocker will also work on Digital PBX systems with analogue sockets. This product is ideal if you don’t want any more calls from Silent Calls, PPI Calls, Robo Calls, Recorded Messages, Overseas Call Centres, Harassment calls, Malicious Calls, Junk Faxes, Withheld numbers, International Numbers, VOIP Numbers & Unavailable Numbers. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centres and automated sales lists are all pre-programmed which will minimise the sales calls you receive almost immediately.

  • 1200 number Capacity
  • 3” Caller Display Screen
  • Pre-programmed with all rogue calling numbers known to the call prevention registry
  • Block unwanted callers at the touch of a button with the block now button
  • Works on all home phone lines – even those with broadband
  • Block Skype Style Unavailable Internet nuisance Callers
  • Block PPI callers with the new “Area Code” blocking function
  • Block Withheld / Private callers
  • Block International Callers
  • Stop nuisance calls, harassment calls, stalkers, cold calls, silent calls,overseas call centres, spam faxes & recorded messages
  • Dimension: 75 x 30 x 100 mm

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