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Childs Interactive Toothbrush - Make Brushing Fun With App Games - Green

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Toothbrushing can now be the highlight of a child’s evening with the interactive Playbrush. Playbrush attaches onto any manual toothbrush, allowing kids to control mobile games with their own brushing movements. Interactive brushing challenges and rewards, coupled with detailed brushing feedback, means brushing is now not just entertaining, but effective. Children will be encouraged to brush regularly, accurately and for long-enough. Playbrush gets children to brush twice a day for 2 minutes, an amount of brushing which is regularly advised by dentists.

Playbrush’s unique technology does not only measure duration and regularity - it also measures the position of the toothbrush in the mouth and provides children with real-time in game feedback of where to brush. The Playbrush device has been designed as a unique add-on that attaches to any manual toothbrush, so children can easily share it and use it with their own toothbrush. A cleverly designed algorithm measures brushing and ensures that the mouth is cleaned for long enough and thoroughly, and real-time feedback in the form of statistics and a reward system give children extra motivation.

Playbrush is a simple concept. A manual toothbrush is placed into the colourful Playbrush device and is connected to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. There are currently 4 toothbrushing games to play where children aged 3 and above can fight green decay monsters, save the Tooth Fairy, fly planes and even paint pictures. The game is controlled by kid’s toothbrushing movements and built-in motion sensors measure toothbrushing positions, speed and duration. Playbrush also has a brand new parent’s app called ‘Utoothia Family’, where parents can track their children’s brushing data on graphs and charts over a sustained period of time.

Playbrush connects to over 90% of manual toothbrushes, and integrates easily with IOS and Android phones over bluetooth to provide a unique experience. Our games are beautifully designed to ensure children enjoy brushing regularly, accurately and for the right amount of time!

If you want your child to enjoy brushing their teeth then this is the solution.