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BT Diverse 7450 Plus Single DECT Phone with Answer Machine - Black


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Product Description

This elegant and functional BT diverse telephone allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are in the office or home with a phenomenal range of up to 50 m. The unit has a range of features to make calling easier, from a 30 number redial list to SMS facility and SIM card reader. The built in answer machine is simple to navigate and has a recording time of up to 27 minutes to ensure you never miss that vital call. Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Manufacturer's Description

The BT Diverse 7450 Plus digital cordless phone is the Diverse Repeater compatible version of the BT Diverse 7450. The BT Diverse 7450 Plus is one of 3 top of the range cordless phones in the new BT Diverse Plus range and has a built in digital answering machine. If more than one handset is required then the BT Diverse 7400 Plus extra handset needs to be purchased seperately as well.

The BT Diverse range has always been a very popular range of Home and Business phones. One of the reasons the Diverse range is so popular is that they are reliable and easy to use, and you will be glad to know this hasn’t changed. The size of the BT Diverse 7450 Plus cordless handset is compact but not too small like some mobile phones. Also the buttons on the new BT Diverse 7450 Plus are nice and chunky and it has a sleek black look as well.

With a digital recording time of 27 minutes there is plenty of storage space for incoming callers messages. Users can record there own outgoing messages and even access the machine remotely as well. The answering machine on the BT Diverse 7450 is also very simple to use with all the buttons clearly marked on the base. One of the benefits of the BT Diverse Plus range is that the design is both simple and effective to use. Menus are easy to navigate and buttons are not too small even though the handset is quite compact. The Diverse 7450 Plus cordless phone is also very stylish and is finished in a sleek black colour as well.

In total up to 5 cordless handsets can be registered to the BT Diverse 7450 Plus base station, ideal for locating handsets in other rooms anywhere within its range and without the need for a further phone socket as the handsets work remotely from the main base station. Usually indoors this range is upto 50m and outdoors upto 300m.

Other features on the BT Diverse 7450 Plus include polyphonic ringtones, standard ringtones, visual ring indicator, volume control, VIP indicator, SIM card reader and writer, quick dial memories, handsfree, headset socket, auto answer, secrecy, handset naming, keypad lock, call timer, clock, low battery indicator, out of range indicator and also includes a belt clip.

This product comes with a low energy power supply and recyclable packaging.

Other models in the BT Diverse Plus range are the BT Diverse 7110, 7150, 7410 & the 7460.

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  • 200 name & number phonebook with copy between handsets
  • Handsfree
  • SIM card reader
  • Eight-line inverse display
  • Answer machine with 27 minutes record time