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What style of Headset can I have?

There are 3 styles of headset:

  1. Single Speaker (Monaural): for people who spend time on the phone, but need to communicate with colleagues. (Headband Style)
  2. Two Speaker (Binaural): for people who require total concentration, working in noisy, busy environments.(Headband style)
  3. Over the Ear: for people looking for an ultra light weight, unobtrusive Headset.

What is Noise Cancelling?

Noise Cancelling microphones cut out up to 75% of background noise around you, suitable for open - plan work areas.

What if I haven't a headset socket on my phone?

You have two options:

  1. a) Replace your existing phone with a phone that has a headphone socket and the headset of your choice.
  2. b) Keep your existing phone and purchase an Amplifier Adapter and the headset of your choice

Amplifiers: what are they and why or when might I need one?

Amplifiers allow you to increase the volume of both, incoming and outgoing voice levels thus matching your headset to the particular phone / system or line you are using.

In addition they allow the selection of either the telephone handset or the headset (Headset/Handset switch). Most also have a mute switch which prevents the incoming caller hearing any private conversation you may wish to have during a call. Most amplifiers are operated by "AA" batteries which normally last approx 6/9 months. Some models can be used with a mains adapter if required.

An Amplifier is needed when connecting a Headset to your existing telephone either on a domestic telephone line or on a telephone system assuming there is no dedicated headset socket on the phone.

Can I have a headset with MY Telephone System?

All Telephone Systems can be matched, with either an Amplifier Adapter, or programming the Telephone System to accept a Headset.

The information we require to check compatibility with your telephone equipment is the system’s Manufacturer name & model.

I want to use a headset through my PC- which headsets are suitable?

Most of the Telephone headsets available can be supplied to work with a PC providing the computer is fitted with either a sound card or USB port The headsets are normally supplied with leads terminated with two 3.5mm jack plugs, a Microphone Plug (to Line in or Mic) and Earphone Plug (to line out or Headphone Speaker socket) or USB connection.

USB headsets connect directly into a USB port and automatically configure using the supplied software, these are rapidly becoming popular as they free the sound card inputs and outputs as well as offering exceptional sound quality.

What Wireless Options are there?

Virtually every situation is now covered by a wireless option, from analogue cordless headsets to DECT and BLUETOOTH headsets totally wire free with ranges from 10 to 100metres.

Our wireless department is available to assist with any information required and suggest any suitable options. Please take manufacturers ranges quoted as ideal line of sight, normally the quoted range is considerably less within buildings and offices. Most of the wireless digital headsets are free from interference, with both transmitted and received calls being crystal clear.

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What is DECT?

DECT is a digital wireless technology which originated in Europe, but is now adopted worldwide. For cordless telephones, wireless offices and even wireless telephone lines to the home. comprehensive system architecture; DECT has been designed and specified to interwork with many other types of network, such as the PSTN(conventional telephone networks), ISDN (new digital and data phone networks) and more.

If I have a multi handset phone, do I need a phone socket for each handset?

No. Only the base station gets plugged into the phone socket. The remaining handsets only require an electricity supply.

What does CLI mean?

CLI stands for View Call Information via the LCD such as the name or number (or both) of the person calling. (Note some cable networks do not provide CLI)

What is the range on most cordless phones?

Most cordless phones have a range of up to around 300 meters outdoors and roughly 50m indoors. However, this depends on the building that the phone is being installed into and in our experience this range can be much less. Repeaters (boosters) can be used on most phones to extend the range.

What is the intercom facility?

The intercom facility allows you to communicate handset to handset. Intercom calls can be done from either handset. Automatic intercom activates the other unit for the use of baby monitoring. However in our experience phones do not make very good baby monitors.

Can I transfer calls from one handset to another?

Yes –You are able to transfer calls from one handset to another and you can even initiate a 3 way conversation. Not all models are capable of this so be sure to call us if you have any questions.

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These days, home telephones and mobile phones have an astonishing amount of features to help you communicate faster and with less hassle. If you choose to upgrade your house phone then you will find that purchasing a digital cordless model a far wiser choice. You will be able to tell the difference in quality because digital cordless telephones are a lot clearer and do not crackle as much.

If you make a lot of international calls have you considered the latest VoIP phones? These let you make calls via the internet, and can let you save a great deal of money, particularly when you phone abroad.

Digital telephones and answer phones Guide

Digital technology has made the home telephone a more sophisticated machine, with a clearer sound and additional features. All the digital phones we sell are cordless, and some incorporate an answer phone.

What’s the difference between digital and the (older) analogue phones?

As with analogue phones, digital phones still transmit on a radio frequency but suffer from less interference. Conversations are clearer and their range is usually wider. They’re sometimes referred to as DECT phones, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.

Digital telephone and handset

What extra features can you get on them?

Lots! The most useful benefit is that you can use up to 6 handsets from the same base unit; for example, use one phone in the hallway, another in the bedroom, etc. You still have the base unit, which connects to the phone socket, but the other handsets just need to run off a mains socket.

Most digital phones are also ‘GAP compatible’, which means you can use any compatible handset with any base unit: e.g. a Panasonic GAP handset will work with a BT GAP compatible unit.

Some let you send SMS (text) messages to other SMS-compatible phones, including mobile phones. You can even call contacts from your mobile phone. Other features can include a longer battery life, out-of-range indicator, choice of ring tones, hands-free calling – even Caller ID, which lets you see who’s calling before you answer.

What’s the benefit of a digital answering machine?

Again, you have improved sound quality and faster retrieval speed, but you also don’t have to bother with a tape. Often they come with a pre-recorded message if you’re not keen on recording your own!

VoIP Phone Guide

VoIP – or voice over internet protocol – is a phone that works via the internet and not through a normal telephone socket.

Like the internet you subscribe to a provider. You usually need to download their software onto your computer but some models allow you to just connect them straight to the PC via a USB cable so you can start calling right away.

What are the advantages?

Mainly price. If you contact somebody who is on the same network provider as yourself, (e.g. Skype), your calls are free from anywhere in the world. Receiving or making calls from/to other networks come with a small charge.

Can I keep my old number?

Most of the time, yes. You may, however, be able to use a number based anywhere in the world. For example, if you are abroad you could use a UK dialing code, so your friends in England would avoid calling international numbers and vice versa.

Can I use it anywhere?

Yes. Since it is connected to your PC you can take it wherever you go in the world and it will always perform.

What do the handsets look like?

Simple handsets work in the same way as conventional handsets, with LCD screen, name and number directories. There are hands-free and cordless models also available.

What’s the quality of the call like?

You and the other caller should not hear any changes in quality. However, this all depends on the quality of the broadband connections at either end of the line. The VoIP phone even rings like a normal phone.

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Additional handsets

Extra DECT phones can be used around the home. These are not plugged into a phone socket but they link to the base station without cords.

Built-in speakerphone

Lets you talk on the phone without the need to pick up the handset so you can keep your hands free.

Caller display

Providing the caller doesn’t block their details, you can see their name and number if they are stored in your phonebook.

Caller memory

Save names and numbers so you can recall them easily. Some phones even list outgoing calls too.

Call log

Records incoming calls so you can recall them quickly and some phones even list outgoing calls.

Call screening

Listen to a message through loudspeaker before making a decision whether to pick up the phone.

Call timer

View how long in seconds that the call is lasting.

Conference calls

Most phones have a two-line capacity which allows you to use both lines for a three-way conversation.

GAP compatible

More than one phone can be used on the same base station – e.g. have one phone in the hallway and another in the bedroom. Any GAP compatible handset will work with any GAP base unit.

Hands free

Allows you to talk on the phone without, having the handset in hand.

Hot keys/speed dialing

Stores important or frequently dialled numbers so you can recall them by simply dialing a short code (e.g. *1 instead of the whole number or even a single button on the phone).

Internal call function

You can make internal calls to another handset operating off the same number – even when another handset is being used for an external number.

Last number redial

At the press of a button you can quickly redial the number. This is very useful when the line is engaged.

Mute function

Allows you to stop the caller to stop being able to hear you, so you can talk to other people in the room.

Page button

For use with multiple handsets that are operating off the same number. At the touch of a button you can alert another person or find a missing handset!

Recording time

This is the maximum length of time answer phone messages will be recorded.

Remote access facility

This allows you to listen to your answer phone messages when you are not at home via another phone.

Ring tones

You can edit your phone with a choice of ring tones. There are a number of websites and services that allows you to modify your phone with the latest songs or favorite hit. (There is a charge for this.)


The amount of time the phone can be left off the charger (when not in use) before needing to be charged up.

SMS capable

This allows you to send text messages from your phone to another SMS capable handset.

Talk time

The amount of time the cordless phone can be used for, once it has been fully charged.

Voice dialing

This allows you to make a phone call by saying a voice ‘tag’ that has been linked to certain phone number. Fantastic hands-free operation, you can simply say a name or number and the handset will automatically make the phone call.

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Frequent Product Queries


How to Register a Repeater for Models Panasonic KX-A405 and RTX 4002 before starting to register a repeater it is important to determine if your modelof phone has a repeater mode - if so this needs to be switched on. this will usually be an on/off option in the phone menu.

Automatic Registration

For both repeaters the automatic registration process is near identical.

When the repeater is turned OFF, put your phone base into registration mode by holding down the find/page button for 5 seconds until you get a steady beep. Now turn your repeater on by connecting the power supply.

  • Panasonic KX-A405: Once the repeater is on, the flashing red light should change to amber for 2 seconds. Then once the registration has completed both LED's will turn green and remain green.
  • RTX 4002: Whilst registering the red light will flash. After a short while the LED will stay on, indicating that the registration has been successful.

How to reset a repeater – if registration fails

Panasonic KX-A405 Repeater

Firstly, disconnect your repeater from the power supply. On the back of the unit you will see a small button, this is the reset button.

Next, hold down the reset button for 5 seconds. Keep hold of the reset button and re-connect the repeater to the power supply at the same time, keeping hold of the reset button for a further 10 seconds.

If this has worked, you should end up with 1 light off, and the other flashing red. If so, you are now ready for automatic registration, if not repeat this process again.

RTX 4002 Repeater

The first step on the 4002 is to turn off the unit by disconnecting the power supply.

Next reconnect the power for 1-5 seconds and turn it back off again.

Thirdly, turn the repeater on once more for 30 seconds and turn it back off. It has now been reset and is ready for automatic registration.

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