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Why install VoIP

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If you've heard of VoIP before, it's probably in relation to businesses, right? In fact, it's a common misconception that VoIP - or voice-over internet protocol - is a service that's only for companies. But the truth, as usual, is pretty different. 

Sure, it's true that businesses take advantage of the benefits of VoIP over traditional landline telephones, but it's also suitable for domestic phone lines too. There are loads of great reasons to ditch the old telecommunications and bring the new internet telephony into the home. Here's a few...

Low Running Costs

The major benefit of choosing VoIP is cost. Unlike making a phone call, which costs per minute, VoIP calls are free. That's because it's data being transferred over an internet line - in the same way that you're not charged for sending emails. Even when using a VoIP service that charges a subscription, the costs are seriously low compared to landlines. So whether you're calling your best mate in Birmingham, or Auntie Marge in Majorca, the cost is the same. 


Set-Up and Save

Setting up your VoIP services is pretty easy really. So long as you have a good internet connection, all you'll need is a VoIP adapter or software program installed on your computer. You can usually even use your existing telephone handsets, so it doesn't mean shelling out for tons and tons of extra kit. 


Same Services, But Better

Some people worry that switching out their old telephones means losing out on all those little extra perks like call waiting, caller ID and voicemail. But that's definitely not the case. Depending on who your VoIP provider is, you'll still have access to those services - and more! If you want to pick up your voicemails from your laptop, you can; if fancy video-calling your mother, that's cool too. Oh, and you can even keep your old number, if you wish. 


More Ways to Connect

When making a call from a landline, what option do you have? Use the telephone or... well, use the telephone. That's it. But VoIP packages often include ways to chat on pretty much every internet-enabled device. So you can use the handset, or opt for a computer and headset, or even use your smartphone or tablet when you're out and about. And it all comes under a single plan. 


More and More People are VoIPing

Because of the significant reduction in costs compared to traditional landline, more and more people are getting in on the VoIPing action. With even mainstream telephony providers offering VoIP, most insiders reckon that it won't be long before the service becomes the standard for making calls whether at home or on the go. And as more people choose VoIP, the better the deals will be for users - which means those cheap running costs become even cheaper. 


So Why Install VoIP

Ultimately, the main reason anyone would consider VoIP is those amazing lower calling costs - especially if you're making long-distance or international calls. Better yet, if you're not quite ready to give up the landline just yet, the two can perfectly complement each other in the home. Perfect for when your daughter's nattering on the phone when you need to make that all-important call. But ultimately, with benefits and advantages like the ones VoIP offers, you'll probably be glad to say goodbye to horrifically high phone bills!

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