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What's the best telephone for your home office?

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If you run your own business and you are working from home, there are many factors to consider. One of those concerns your work telephone; not only should you consider whether or not to use your personal handset for work duties, but which phone suits your particular needs?



Let's tackle the first issue: should your personal phone become your work phone? To begin with, it depends on your discipline: can you find the balance between business calls and personal calls? The last thing you need is for potential clients to be unable to get in touch because you're chatting to your friends. Assuming this is not an issue, you should consider your budget; it is cost-effective for you to use one phone for both purposes, especially when you are first starting off. That being said, you also need to factor in your social life: are you someone who spends a couple of hours per night chatting to friends and family on the phone? If you are, then you have to wonder if it would actually be just as worthwhile having two phones because, between lengthy social calls and business calls that may be long and frequent, you could have a hefty phone bill on your hands, so why not simply invest in a second phone?


Assuming that you are planning to invest in a new handset for work purposes, the question then becomes: what phone should I choose? That depends on how active you and your business will be. If you're someone with experience of attending networking events, business functions and the likes, or if your business plan requires you to travel, then you'll need a phone that can also do this. There are many sim-only mobile plans available which allow you to quickly obtain a mobile phone at an affordable, low cost. The main thing is that you have a phone which does the job of making/answering calls, texts etc; you don't need any fancy apps when you're just starting out, so if you're gonna be on the go all of the time, a cheap sim-only mobile plan for a basic handset could be the answer.


Alternatively, perhaps the vast majority of your work will be based from home, and so you won't necessarily need a mobile phone. You need a more reliable, more traditional home-based telephone handset. Simple Telecoms specialise in this area, and we several high-quality options in this regard, which provide value for money whilst being reasonably priced and catered to the specific needs of our customers.


What do we mean? Well, we have several phones which boast big buttons, making quick calls a lot easier as you can more easily identify numbers. Let's face it, if you've ever had a smartphone, it can be quite common - and frustrating - to be typing in a client's number, only to discover that the touch-screen means you're pressing different numbers by accident, and if you don't have someone's number to hand, then you might miss out on the call altogether. With our big-button phones, this is not a problem, as you can take your time to accurately dial up your client and handle your business. We also have smaller cordless phones which charge on a docking station and allow you to walk around the house while remaining on the line, in the event that you're halfway through a job or even meeting a client when someone happens to get in touch.


As with anything in life and anything within business, your chosen work phone depends on your preferences and your personal needs. It could be that you go for the cordless option, since you'll be active but largely based from home. It could be that you'll be stationed in one room and may opt for the big-button phone. Or perhaps you'll be more active, travelling frequently and to far places, so a mobile plan is the way to go. Whatever the case may be, we can help you, and we want to ensure that your telephone goes a long way towards keeping your business budgets in line, as well as providing a vital part of the client journey which ultimately results in you generating more business and becoming more successful.

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