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Walkie Talkies are more popular than you think

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Walkie Talkies are no longer just for children wanting to become spy's. They have become an irreplaceable mode of communication for several workplaces and their staff. 

1. Care

When working with vulnerable or unpredictable people in workplaces of care, it's important those in the position of looking after these people have a quick method of communication to hand. Be it in care homes or places that cater for people with special needs, everyday can be one of new experiences. Some which may take more than one person to deal with. Say if a person living in the building was to become violent, more people would be needed, using a mobile phone would take more time than needed to type in or find a number of someone that you'll assume is free to help. Walkie Talkies take one button to press and go out to everyone on that frequency, so many people hear it. Meaning someone will surely come to help sooner.

2. Construction

Construction is loud. You'll know if you happen to live near one, or walk down nearly any street nowadays. Shouting over a drilling noise probably wont work, but hearing that crackle in your vest pocket probably will. Walkie talkies on construction sites can save lives, telling a lot of people the same thing at the same time is essential, especially in such a hazardous workplace. People can get injured. You need to respond quickly. It also helps when it comes to finding tools, integrating requests quicker.


Theartes are huge. Massive. Enormous. Grand. With many levels and a lot of rooms. There's the Grand Circle, the Upper Circles, The Gods, The Gallery and the boxes (For rich people and the queen). Then there's the bar, probably a restaurant and many, many staff. Who have to do a lot when it comes to show time. But with a huge space to get lost in and a lot of covered in over hanging features signal can be an issue, that means mobile phones are not the best form of communication. With walkie talkies, staff can connect on whatever level they are one, ensuring whatever job or mishap is sorted without and theatre lovers knowing. Theatre's are magical, you don't want to ruin the illusion.


Annoying person in the back talking too loudly? A controversial film has caused an upset? Someone has thrown their popcorn at the tall guy in the middle row? Best to let someone know so they can point a torch in their face and tell them off. On the subject of cinema, movie sets use walkie talkies too. It means a lot can get done quickly costing the staff and actors less time. It also makes the runners bring the coffee faster.


Cant find that thing you want on the shelves? Instead of leaving you alone on the shop floor, a staff member can just radio in and have someone in the stockroom bring it up, keeping a communication door open and stock levels always kept up and checked on without having to leave the floor. They also help with safety, staff can keep observing the floor for any trouble and alert security quickly. Keeping themselves and shoppers safe.


A workplace and job dependent on a lack of delay. If someone' is in trouble or starting trouble they need to know. Their job is too keep people safe, and a safe eazy to do that is to use walkie talkies. whether it be patrolling a supermarket or keeping an eye on drunks in a nightclub.

7. Emergency services

It's an obvious one and like security there cant be any delays. Someone's life could be on the line.

8. Bars

Ran out of whiskey and an impatient gent on the other side of the bar is getting cranky about it, walkie talkie in and no doubt someone can bring up another bottle without you having to leave the alcohol or the till alone. Again. security is unfortunately often needed in bars or clubs, so it's better to get them there quickly.

9.Holiday reps

Reps look after big groups of people. Who someones go missing from the group because they wanted to look at that sight seeing 'must see' for a bit longer. If this does happen, it's a good idea to quickly figure out where they are and especially if you don't have signal where you are. You stay with your remaining and well behaved, sun burnt group, while another rep goes looking for the misbehaving truants. Organising food, chairs and travel is easily done via walkie talkie, especially if more than one person is needed to help. Someone gotta watch them.

10. Farming

Farms are never city centre. So phone reception in the middle of nowhere can be a difficult one to find. Also, workers are spread out over a vast space and with walkie talkies sometimes reaching over two miles, it's an effciecnt way to talk. If they find an injured animals it just adds insult injury to then drag said animal to a phone friendly spot. Better to just shout for help with a device that allows you to do so.

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