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Using VoIP in your new home extension

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If you've recently invested in a home extension then you're probably still reveling in the new space, not to mention the value that it will have added to your property! However, even the greatest extensions can have a few problems to iron out before they feel truly finished. We'll run through a few of the finishing touches which can really help you make the most of your extensions and solve any lingering issues:

My New House Extension is Great, But I Can't Use My Phone!

Finding that your cordless phone goes out of range when you're in the extension is a very common problem, but this doesn't make it any less annoying when a call drops out. Luckily, this has an incredibly simple and effective solution - use a signal booster. Also known as a repeater, a signal booster works by receiving the signal sent out by the phone and then retransmitting it from the new location. The result can be almost twice as much range - and if you find yourself having similar issues with Wi-Fi then you can also find signal boosters for your internet.

My New House Extension is Great, But It Doesn't Feel Like Part of the Home!

When your extension is first finished, you might feel like it just isn't that homely or doesn't seem to match with the rest of the house. Make sure that you decorate it with colours that complement the rest of the house if you want it to feel properly integrated and, possibly more importantly, make sure that it is furnished with items that feel personal - that way you will feel instantly at home in your new room!

My New House Extension is Great, But It's Too Cold!

Even with good insulation and heating, you can still find that a house extension gets quite chilly on a cold night. Furnishing for warmth is absolutely crucial if you have this problem - layer the floor with rugs for a final layer of insulation and cosy atmosphere, and use thick curtains or blinds for a similar effect. Even the layout of your furniture can be important: avoid blocking radiators, and position sofas away from large windows to minimise the chill when you're using them!

Whether you intend to use it as a playroom for the kids or a tidy space for when guests are visiting, we hope that these tips help you get the best out of your new extension!

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