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Top 10 apps for the elderly

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If you have an elderly relative or loved one, you really should consider purchasing them a smart phone or tablet so they can take advantage of some of the superb apps designed at improving the lives an well being of senior members of society


  1. Pill Reminder – A great app for a senior person with many different pulls to take. Simply enter the name of the pill and the frequency with which it needs taking and let this app send out notification alerts whenever a pill is due.
  2. Blood Pressure – Although the app needs a separate monitor, it can allow the user to quickly and easily track and analyse blood pressure movements over time.
  3. Dragon Dictation – Elderly people often struggle to send texts or emails on their phones. This nifty app allows users to speak into their phone before converting their words into text to be sent without the need for typing.
  4. EyeReader – Simply hold your phone over a book or text and let this app turn your mobile into a magnifying glass with an attached light for additional brightness.
  5. VizWiz – Amazing concept for the partially sighted. It allows users to take a picture of their surroundings and speak a questions about them to receive spoken answers or direction back from the app.
  6. Skype – You may not always be able to be there for your elderly relatives but with Skype, you can check in on your relatives any time of day, no matter what the distance and see with your own eyes that they are OK.
  7. TED Talks – What better way to keep the mind sharp than listening to TED Talks? Never mind elderly users, listening to fascinating speakers talking passionately about amazing topics can only be of benefit for anyone’s mind?
  8. Find My Iphone – Is your elderly relative likely to misplace their phone? Find My Iphone allows you to use the internet on another device to show your phone’s position on a map. It can even force the phone to make a noise to help you locate it.
  9. Voice Ready – this handy app can read text, files or web pages for users with impaired vision.
  10. My Pain Diary – This app has won awards for its ingenuity and practicality. It enables users to keep a track of their aches, pains and symptoms to ensure when they see the doctor they are able to give him totally accurate information.


We hope you have found this list useful. As you can see, modern technology is really acting to improve the lives’ of elderly people by helping them to read, stay in touch, keep their mind sharp and monitor their health. If you know an elderly relative who could benefit from one of these apps, maybe it is time you considered getting them a smart phone.

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