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Tips for Telesales Success

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If you work in a position whereby telesales is an important part of the job, you'll realise that there's a knack to getting it right, and to developing your telesales technique enough that success comes your way more often. Here are some tips to help you make the most of telesales.

Firstly, it's important to know exactly what your goals are. Sure, you want to have a positive impact upon business, but you need to define that more specifically. Do you have certain targets which you have to meet? Are there milestones that you have in mind, such as getting your success rate to a particular level? Or would you be happy if your company simply received more customer enquiries? It's vital that you know exactly what your main goals with telesales are, otherwise the campaign is less likely to succeed.

Just as important is planning what it is that you plan to say to somebody, and how you plan to react, as well as planning how to answer their most likely queries. It will come across if you are unprepared and/or misinformed about the product you are trying to sell. Imagine if you call somebody to tell them about this amazing new product, only for you to draw a blank when you're asked basic details about it, such as price or size. You also have to put yourself in the shoes of the recipient; if you were hearing about this product for the first time, what questions would you ask? What answers would you expect? It's crucial to do this, otherwise you will come across second-rate to the recipient and the chances of a potential sale suddenly become remote, because you and your business will seem unprofessional.

Next, it is a common courtesy to leave a voicemail message should you call somebody who happens to be away from their phone, but this becomes even more important during telesales. Let's face it, there's nothing worse than a nuisance call, where you don't recognise the number, the person at the other end has no real interest in who you are, and they are clearly looking to make money. However, if you add a personal touch by addressing somebody in a polite manner, you grab their attention and thus come across more friendly, which reflects upon the other person too. Therefore, if you add a voicemail, the recipient will differentiate you from other callers, having a higher opinion of you and your business, and will at least consider calling you back and hearing what you have to say.

Finally, you need to think about your USP, or unique selling point, and the benefits or terminology which will act as persuasive enough evidence to consider the recipient to make a sale. What is it about your product which makes it so special, so unique, so different, so valuable? Why should somebody buy your product? These are key questions that the potential customer will be asking themselves during a call, and if you have something or preferably several things which are sure to hook someone into making a purchase, then you will go into telesales with greater confidence and a belief that you can succeed.

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