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The BT 8500: Unique Call Blocking Solution to Erradicate Nuisance Calls

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Cold calling can be an unwanted interruption at home. Persistent phone calls linked to unknown numbers are a nuisance and can cause some anxiety around the home.

The BT 8500 features unique technology that allows you to block up to 100% of nuisance calls. The Advanced Call Blocker feature gives you complete control from both sides of the line. If a number calls that isn’t in your personally inputted contact list, then the Advanced Call Blocker will ask them to provide a name prior to connection that will let you make the accept or reject decision.

A large amount of these nuisance interruptions are withheld numbers and international calls. With the BT 8500 and its Advanced Call Blocking system, these calls may never even reach you. The BT 8500 already knows you don’t want these calls so takes away the hassle of having to keep answering them, or even just rejecting them.

Another advantage of the BT 8500 is that you can specifically select numbers to be blocked. This is where the Advanced Call Blocker can become a safety feature for many individuals. Harassment and persistence can be taken out of your home with the BT 8500 and its simple set up.

Calls can be blocked by type, meaning that payphone calls, numbers from certain areas codes and companies or businesses can be blocked from ever ringing your home, this is just another feature of the Call Blocker. You can have up to 1000 numbers blocked and with a 200 name memory contact list, there is 100% chance that 100% of calls you want blocked, will be blocked.

As well as the Advanced Call Blocker feature on the BT 8500, there is also a Do Not Disturb setting. Even if the numbers that can ring you call you, but you’re just not in the mood to talk or fancy some peace and quiet, with just the press of a button you could have silence throughout the house- just make sure your mobile is off.

The BT 8500 with Advanced Call Blocker is the ideal system for anyone who is fed up with dealing with unwanted telephone visitors.

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