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Small Office Tips

Posted by Ben Hubbard on

When you own a small business and you don’t have a vibrant bustling office packed full of people, it can be hard to keep up staff morale and motivation; especially on days where everyone is busy and doesn’t get time to pop their head up for a chat.  How can you help to keep a positive atmosphere among your team, and energy levels high? Post Weekend Pick-me-up If there’s only a few people working for you (i.e. it’s not going to cost you a fortune), drop into a local coffee shop on the way in to work on a Monday...

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Home office design tips

Posted by Simple Telecomms on

Are you a person who works from home? If so, then creating the right working space is absolutely essential. Here are some useful tips/ideas when it comes to creating the perfect home office.   The colour of your office will have an impact on your productivity. Dull colours, such as greys and whites are said to create feelings of sadness and gloom. On the other hand, colours such as greens and blues are proven to increase efficiency and focus, leading to an overall sense of wellbeing. The colour yellow is also said to create optimism and energy, having a particular...

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