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Retro Phones for Stylish Workplaces

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First impressions are everything. In business, your telephone - and everything employees and customers come into contact with - must reflect your brand. 

However, though most us average 40 hours a week at work, we put surprisingly little thought into our surroundings.

Whether you’re organising important meetings or simply calling in a lunch order, our retro and designer phones make the whole affair that little bit more exciting.

At Simple Telecomms Ltd., we have a range of stylish options available. For a timeless look that will convey to clients what you are - sturdy and reliable - whilst also giving a small office that much needed pop of colour, take a look at our gorgeous retro phones.

The rotary dial model has proven extremely popular, thanks to vintage style telephones enjoying a recent resurgence. Apart from being visually pleasing, we suspect the reason lies behind the impression they convey - that the person dialling this number has a sense of purpose.

A designer phone is another great way of showing that you small office means big business. Perhaps you’re selling an innovative, revolutionary new product or service that pushes the boundaries. If so, your office needs to reflect that. No matter how stylish your Scandinavian furniture, if the technology in your office is not up to scratch, they will be left feeling deflated. Check out Jacob Jensen’s designs for that, sleek, elegant finish.

A good office is important to you and your employees’ state of mind, as well as the impression it gives to clients. This is your personal work space. Like a professional writer who feels they can produce the Next Great Novel having swapped the 10p pens they like to chew for a classic fountain model, your surroundings will focus your mind on the job at hand.

Simple Telecomms Ltd. offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Whether you’re giving your whole office a face lift or are simply after a key piece to update the room, our telephones will prove to be a talking point for years to come - whilst conveying the best impression possible of you and your business.

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