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Remote working and non-tethered work places

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With technology as advanced as it is these days, it's never been easier to work from home. And one of the most important factors in making this a reality is having excellent lines of communication - that's precisely what tech like VoIP offers. Let's take a look at the many benefits, for both employers and employees, of remote telephony and working from home. 


No Cost to Employees

Thanks to voice over internet protocol services, it's now possible for employers and employees to remain connected to the business line without even having to be in the same country, let alone the same building. That means employees don't have to pay for their own calls, and later bill the company, as the calls are charged directly to the business account. 


So Long Commute

One of the worst things about trekking into the office is the dreaded commute. It can put even the most dedicated employee in a bad mood. That can really affect an employee's work. Working from home eliminates this particular issue. 


Stress-free Working

Any business worth its weight in gold will have their employees mental health on their minds. After all, no-one wants their workforce operating at a reduced rate due to issues like stress. Offices in general are high-pressure places, which can, for some workers, only increase their stress levels.


Relaxed Office

Just as working from home can reduce stress for some, those in an office which employs remote workers can also see related benefits. With fewer employees present, the atmosphere will be quieter, leading to more work being done without distraction. And the same is true for those working at home too. 


Balancing Home and Work

These days there are frequent calls for managing a far better work/life balance. The sometimes rigid requirements of work - and the need to continue working even after the office has shut up shop for the night - can leave some feeling as though they have no home life whatsoever. But if you're working from home, the balance equals itself out. 


Friendly to the Environment

This one isn't just a benefit to employees, or employers, but everyone, everywhere. Having your workers working from home is hugely beneficial to the environment. Less commuting in cars, less need for office appliances to be whirring away unused. At a time when being green is still important, it's another great reason to work from home. 


Keep It Secure

For those companies who value, or require, data privacy, VoIP communications are ideal. Sure, you can have your employees working from home, but in order to ensure they have the most secure communication channels available, rather than relying on traditional means, VoIP is the way to go. 


The advancements we've seen in communication technology is something that can be criminally under-used. But the issue with increasing productivity, and maintaining an enthusiastic workforce, can be solved fairly easily by doing just that - making full use of the technology available to you, so employees can remain connected to the company wherever they may working. 


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