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Mix business and pleasure this Summer with a Garden Office

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In the height of Summer it makes sense to want to escape the office and lap the weather up. Of course, business must go on - and that's why you might begin to consider a garden office. 


If you work from home, there are plenty of 'pros' for wanting to take your work outside, but there are also several 'cons' to doing so too. Here we'll take a look at some of the factors which might affect your working in a garden office. 



How big is your garden? How big do you need the office to be? These are issues you need to address before you can even begin setting up your garden office. If the office is large, but the garden isn't, then you're going to lose a fair chunk of land to it. Likewise, if the office is too small to accommodate your business, then it may seem foolhardy even attempting to work in those surroundings.



The building you use for your outside office needs to be of high-quality. After all, you'd expect a traditional office to be structural sound and protected, so the same goes for garden offices. Whether it's an existing structure or a purpose-built one, that means installing durable floors, walls, ceilings, as well as adequate lighting. But it also means insulating the office from the elements, otherwise, in the summer you'll be working whilst drenched in sweat; in the winter, you'll be shivering too hard to type.



A great office is pleasing to the eye. Utilitarian, perhaps, but certainly not cramped or ugly. Be open to creating a garden office that's aesthetically pleasing to you. You're going to be spending a fair amount of time in there, and you don't want to hate every minute of it! Make the space truly yours with designs that encourage you to want to work, rather than just slogging through until you can make your escape. 



If you're going to get some serious work done, you're going to need access to all the usual digital bits and bobs. That means plug sockets, phone lines, computer and internet access. Rather than having a zillion wires running down the lawn, you could always opt for wireless telephones connected to the main house. If you're worried about missing a call, don't be. Simply get two cordless phones, and plug the base unit and one handset in the house. Place a signal booster/repeater in the window, facing the garden office. That way the second cordless phone, set up in the office, will be in range - so you'll never miss that important call. 


Garden offices are a neat way of working from home, whilst still offering a personal, private space. It's separate enough to be considered 'work' and close enough to be called 'home'. Do your research, know exactly how you'll make your garden office a successful venture, and enjoy working out there amongst the beauty of nature - especially now summer's on the horizon. 

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