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Making good use of all your marketing platforms

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The strategies for telesales with regards to sales and marketing have evolved and, in some cases, completely changed over the last few years. This is partly due to new technology, but it is also partly because people have become accustomed to cold-calling or, more rather, the nuisance calls which come with it. Instead of a service provider providing a real insight into what they do in a friendly manner which may persuade customers to make a purchase, they instead take a bombardment approach whereby hundreds of spam numbers are bought to unleash never-ending calls on an increasingly-frustrated population.

Therefore, cold-calling is no longer a recommend method to conduct telesales. However, this isn't to say that telephone calls should not be used as part of a marketing strategy; it's simply to say that it is more advisable to use other ways to capture attention and raise awareness which can then be followed by successful calls. But what options are there? Simple Telecomms have some suggestions.

Firstly, there's the internet, which is undoubtedly a massive tool for businesses to use these days in order to generate leads. You may have heard the expression about directing people to the website, which is a goal for all businesses. However, it can also work in the opposite direction. A website can provide contact details such as a telephone number, as well as details on what can be discussed over the phone, along with information on how the business can provide a consultation over the phone for a potential customer. Therefore, the website forms part of the customer journey, leading them to a telephone call where they can find out more and possibly make a purchase. This is fairer to the customer than the cold-call bombardment effect.

Social media is equally vital, if not more so. Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn are a great way to not only locate potential customers and promote the business, but to do so in front of an online audience which you normally may not have encountered. Not everybody may use Google or Yahoo to conduct a search whereby they find you, but they may use LinkedIn, or they may use Twitter, and through hashtags or shared posts, they could come across you from there. In addition, there's the opportunity to stretch beyond potential customers living in the UK, as social media can put you into contact with those from abroad instantly, leading to increased international sales. Now, if social media posts or social media discussion can lead people to find out more via telephone, or to have a full and frank conversation about a service over the phone, then you achieve the desired end result, having done so through popular social media platforms and having discovered a possible customer base which you otherwise would not have had access to. Those who have smartphones will also be able to simply click the text containing your business phone number, and they will be able to instantly call you, reducing the customer journey time even further (this also applies to websites which are being browsed via smartphones).

Finally, there are a few, more traditional methods which are tried and tested. Television advertising remains key, especially if your business is a major organisation which has the option to advertise during popular television shows or programmes aimed at the age group or gender specifically suited to your business. There's newspaper advertising, and print advertising in general; don't underestimate the power of ads which appear in magazines, publications such as football matchday programmes, billboards or smaller ads in public spaces such as shopping centres, train stations and even public toilets. Lastly, radio advertising may not be as effective as it once was, given the general decline of radio in recent years, but it's still proven to be successful in local markets, and can be particularly effective for drivers who are travelling to and from work and who are listening to the radio to keep them entertained. All of these provide a platform for you to promote your business and to direct people towards telephoning your company, and once communication is established over the phone, there is a much greater chance of a sale.

Every method outlined in this article stems from clever marketing, but it also allows the would-be customer to make the first move, so to speak, rather than them being targeted in their thousands from cold-calling, which has only a minimal chance of success in the modern business climate.

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