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Emerging technologies and what the future holds

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From the ever improving mechanics of the smart phone to the social networking sites that allow us to communicate with speed and ease, communication technology has come a long way since the days of the telegram. But however good our tech is today, the future only has more to impress us with - here's a run down of some of most innovative possibilities for communication in tomorrow's world:

A.I Email

Perhaps not exciting enough to see in a sci-fi film, but email is a huge part of day to day life for most business workers, so it's crucial that we keep innovating and improving it. Experts think that the next big email upheaval could see artificial intelligence keeping an eye on our inbox for us. Think Siri, but with the power and the know how to manage your contacts and sort your spam for you. This sort of intelligent email could save hours of time over the working week.

Instant Translation

Douglas Adams did it first - although sadly the real translation technology is not quite as exciting as a fish that sits in your ear. Still, what it lacks in design it makes up for in genuine practical application: the highly secretive BOLT technology is expected to one day offer instantaneous translation from any language into English. It's hard to imagine what business wouldn't find it useful to improve their communications with global partners.


Every day we get a little closer to developing the technology to create genuine, 3D holograms. As more and more businesses adopt models which involve remote employees communicating across the net, it is now possible to imagine a world in which holographic "offices" are projected, bringing distant employees together.


The most futuristic technology of the bunch, but researchers working on telepathic communications are beginning to think that we might see the day when it becomes genuine reality. A study at the University of Washington an electroencephalography machine (sorry, we can't pronounce it either) to read a participant's brain waves, convert them into electric impulses and then send them over the internet to a second participant. It worked with an accuracy of up to 83%! So what are the implications for businesses if this becomes a reality? Well, it could be used for global communication across offices - and it even has implications for consumers, whether to be used for ordering products, advanced social communications, or even expertly targeted telepathic advertising.

There you have it: the future of communication technology! Are you excited to see where the science takes us, or does it all sound a little too futuristic? Let us know in the comments below. 

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