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Designer phones for small businesses

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Landline phones and speaking on the phone are almost a thing of the past in the home, but telecommunication in the workplace is crucial. Just because they are used in a professional context does not mean that workplace phones cannot be modern and high-tech. Yes, you there is such a thing as a designer telephone!

Some designer telephones are on the cutting edge of technology, allowing you to dock your smartphone into the device to use it as a landline with a handset, while others allow you to make video calls or access the internet like a smartphone.

There is a whole market of designer phones in the telecomms industry, but with so many to choose from what should you be looking out for?

  • Corded vs cordless

Depending on the nature of your business, corded and cordless phones can have their advantages. Historically cordless phones offered a poor sound quality and had short battery lives, but the designer phones available nowadays are much better, so if your business needs you to be mobile in the building then a cordless phone is a good option.

  • Hands-Free Operation

Does your work require you to use both hands at the same time as using the phone? If so, you want to look out for a landline with hands-free operation so that you can carry on working as usual.

  • Wall or Desk Mounted?

Is it important that your phone can be wall mounted? Some phones on the market can be mounted either way, but some are purely to be used on a desk.

  • Customisable Keys

A lot of designer telephones allow you to customise keys to make shortcuts for yourself. This is useful if you find yourself regularly ringing the same numbers, for eg. From a warehouse to a workplace.

  • SOS Button

This one is useful if you are dealing with members of the public and your staff are in a potentially vulnerable position, eg working in a hotel.

  • Large Phonebook Capacity

If you have a large database of customers or need to store a large amount of supplier phone numbers, look for a phone with a large phonebook capacity. Choose a phone with speed-dial for your top numbers to make the process even quicker.

Your mobile phone may be your best friend out of work, but can you have a designer phone with great smartphone features for your workplace as well!

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