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Ever been waiting on an important phone call, only for them to try and ring you when you're not around? It can be very frustrating, especially when you are running a small business where that call could be the difference-maker in terms of a sale going ahead.

Fortunately, though, Simple Telecomms have a solution to this dilemma in the form of call divert. Thanks to call divert, you won't miss out on any important business calls, whether you're out of the office, in a meeting or even on holiday!

How does call divert work? Well, let's say that a potential client is trying to call you, but you're away from the office, meaning that you can't pick up the regular landline device. With call divert, they will be automatically transferred onto a second number, which for the purpose of this example could be your mobile phone. Therefore, if you happen to be out of the office, you can still pick up the call because it is diverted through to your mobile, allowing you to keep on top of any enquiries and never miss a beat when it comes to your business.

The second benefit of call divert comes via the call answering service. Let's say that you don't have your mobile with you, so when the call is diverted onto you, there will still be no answer. With a call answering service, however, the client will still be able to leave a message and/or obtain the information that they require without having to be put through to a regular, standard - and occasionally frustrating - voicemail. This not only moves the client's enquiry along, but it alerts you upon your return to the office, as opposed to wondering "were they the last person to call"?

The last benefit is that it allows you to increase your presence by having multiple potential numbers for the client to ring, especially if your business is a team of two or three or more. Of course, there will be one main number which serves as the primary contact for the business, but thanks to call divert, there will be several additional methods for would-be clients to call you or one of your colleagues in the event that the main landline number cannot be answered. The more ways that a customer can get in touch with the business, the better, and in the long run, this increases the chances of sales, because there will be no points where the business cannot be contacted; in fact, there will be more ways than ever for the company to receive enquiries.

So, call divert is a very useful and important way to keep on top of your business calls when you are not in the office, and Simple Telecomms products boast a variety of packages which include the call divert option. Of course, in an ideal world you will be in the office most of the time, but on the occasions when you cannot be there, call divert will ensure that your company doesn't miss a step when it comes to customer telephone enquiries!

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