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BT Baby Monitor 200 vs BT Baby Monitor 250: compare products

Posted by Ben Hubbard on

Choosing the right baby monitor can be a difficult decision; there's so much choice on the market and so many conflicting reviews, where do you even start?

Two of the main contenders are the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the BT Baby Monitor 250, but what's the difference between them? Is the latest model the best choice for you?

What do the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the BT Baby Monitor 250 both offer?

  • Both have extremely good high definition digital sound quality, allowing you to hear every breath, giggle or cry clearly.

  • They both offer a wireless range of up to 300m outdoors and up to 50m indoors, allowing you to move around your home freely and still receive a clear reception.

  • Both monitors alert you if you become out of range – a link light indicates that your unit is still receiving signal from the baby monitor and will alert you if the connection is lost.

  • A built in Talk Back feature allows you to speak to your baby through the parent unit without having to go into the baby's room, allowing you to reassure and calm your baby from wherever you are in the home.

  • Both have a nightlight on the baby unit.

  • Both come with a travel bag for easy transportation.

What does the BT Baby Monitor 250 offer additionally?


  • 8 different lullabies to soothe and calm your baby, which play through the baby unit.

  • Whilst both monitors have a nightlight built in, the 250 model has a temperature changing nightlight to easily identify that your baby's room is the correct temperature.

  • There is a crying alert built in to the parent unit which activates to alert you if your baby is crying.

  • The BT Baby Monitor 250 also offers a feed timer and alert on the parent unit, to help you keep on top of feeds.

  • A built in torch.

  • Digital display screen.

  • Vibrate function so you can turn off sound alerts.

Whilst the BT Baby Monitor 250 does have a lot of additional features to the BT Baby Monitor 200, these do come with an extra cost and you can expect to pay around £30 more for these. The 200 model does have a great range of features that you would expect from a baby monitor, and so the decision would be whether these are adequate for your needs, or whether the extra expense is worth it for your needs with the 250 model.

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