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BT 8500 Review

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Sometimes, there is nothing better than getting a call from a friend and having a long chat. However, sometimes, it’s not an old friend on the other end of the line, but an unknown number and potentially costly experience. From PPI to life insurance, it seems everyone and anyone has access to a phone number.


The BT 8500 gives you back all of the control. It’s in the name, ‘BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker’.


This phone can block all unwanted, nuisance and disturbing phone calls. It has a unique feature, named the ‘Call Guardian Feature’ that allows you to block 100% of unwanted hasslers. If someone rings you who isn’t on your contact list, the Call Guardian technology will ask the caller to announce their name before reaching you, giving you the ability to either accept or reject the call. This takes away any fear or anxiety when it comes to the sudden ringing of the telephone, you can find out who is calling you before you even choose to say hello. An added bonus to this feature, is that if the contact calling you is an unsafe call or a scam, the need to announce their name may put them off and they may not continue the call. You can then block this number with the BT 8500 without even having to pick up the phone.


It will block withheld numbers, international numbers, pay phone calls and over 1000 specific numbers. Meaning a significant amount of unknown and unwanted calls are already being stopped in their tracks.


With a 200 contact memory it’s very unlikely you won’t know which friend is calling you with the amount of names ready to pop up on the 1.8 full graphic, easy to read colour screen. The’ Call Waiting’ feature will show you who is trying to get through and once again it’s up to you if you take it or not. Easy as that. No unknown numbers, even from friends. With 21 hours of call time you can chat nearly all day with friends and family and not waste any minutes on rejected calls you would have had to listen to on another phone.


The BT 8500 has a built in answer machine with 60 minutes record time, play back, a readable list of who has left you messages (you don’t even have to listen to them if you don’t want too). The phone is cordless, allowing to pick up and reject calls from anywhere in your home. For added ease the menu structure is clear and concise, allowing you to divert calls to your mobile, to other numbers and begin a 3 way call at the press of a few simple buttons.


You can block whoever you want. You can even do it by area code.


For those times when you need a little extra peace, the BT 8500 has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting. Something your regular caller swill understand and one that the sporadic nuisance ones won’t be able to get through on.




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