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BT 8500 Business Telephone

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Simple Telecoms are currently selling the BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone within a number of affordable packages.

The BT 8500 is very easy to use, and boasts a number of enhanced features compared to regular home telephones and coredless devices, such as voicemail, contact lists and call blocker, which prevents nuisance calls from coming through on a regular basis. The BT 8500 also boasts a bright LCD display and large buttons, ensuring that making calls is easier than ever before.

In addition, the cordless nature of the BT 8500 allows you to continue calls all around the house and in your front and back garden, which is particularly handy during the summer months! Finally, the BT 8500 comes with a charging dock so that your phone is being powered up when it is not in use.

The BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone is available in four packages from Simple Telecoms based on the number of phones that you would like (you may wish to have one phone downstairs and one phone upstrairs, for instance). The BT 8500 is available at a standard price of £54.99, which includes the charging dock.

If you would like two phones, the BT 8500 is available as a twin set for £77.99, representing a saving of around 60% on the second handset. You can also purchase the BT 8500 as a triple set (three phones) for £96.99, which represents an even larger overall saving, and the BT 8500 is available as a quad set (four phones) for £115.99, which is less than double the price for one singular handset, making this an even more attractive package. All multi-phone sets for the BT 8500 include charging docks for each device.

The BT 8500 is perfect for people who are on the go around their house, whether it be for those looking after small children, those conducting business from home, or those who live in a multi-storey home where one phone may not be enough. The BT 8500 is a simple, affordable and easily accessible cordless phone that is easy to get to grips with, boasting a range of user-friendly features, and at the current prices offered by Simple Telecoms, the BT 8500 is the best cordless handset available on the market.

For more information about the BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone, you can visit, or you can call 0151 659 1959.

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