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BT 2500 Review

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The BT 2500 DECT phone isn’t just the triple version of the single version telephone, but possibly triple in value of any cordless home phone out there. An easy to use and basic styled telephone, but with some added features that make it an ideal telephone for the family home.


With three phones, you can place it throughout the house allowing everyone to use at their own leisure. The 12 hour talk and 120 hours standby give you plenty of time to make those quick calls to friends, family and business, with the freedom of movement about the home to find those notes and saved documents, wherever you are, even outside. The 300m outdoor range and 50m inside range allows you literally roam free, making a call experience much easier and less likely to leave the other person waiting into silence while you run upstairs to find that bit of paper you wrote that thing on that you need to tell them about. You can even go hands free and multitask your way around a phone call, and if you’re really busy just the press into the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and deal with the callers when you’re a little freer.


With a 50 name and number record that can be copied from handset to handset, they’ll be fewer nerve racking unknown numbers for anyone answering. The ‘Call Waiting’ and ‘Caller Display’ features come as standard, two handy devices that let you know who is ringing and if you even want to take it. Once on the screen the decision is yours. Along with all these features, the BT 2500 DECT also has a 20 minute record time answer machine. Useful when you all happen to be out at once.


This is a stylish and sleek handheld phone that would look at place in any home with any décor. A sleek 1.6 blue backlit screen and silver black model design is a subtle but modern answer to those who want a sophisticated device that would look understated on a side table or window ledge.


The BT 2500 DECT is an affordable answer to any phone related needs a household requires.

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