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Best Baby Monitor Reviews

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Simple Telecoms have an excellent range of baby monitor products; below are further reviews of these items.

To begin with, the Angelsounds Baby Heart Monitor Doppler is an ideal accessory for soon-to-be parents of unborn babies, and it can be used from 12 weeks into the pregnancy. It not only records the unborn baby's heartbeat using recording cable, but it also records the mother's heartbeat and can be played back to comfort the baby once born. It's a unique feature of a superb accessory to have during pregnancy.

Next, BT have a fine range of varying baby monitors. The BT Audio Baby Monitor 400 records outstanding high-definition audio of your baby with a long range of 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors. The BT 350 Baby Monitor also boasts HD sound as well as a Lightshow containing 18 soothing lullabies, from traditional music to classical tunes, which will really help your baby to drift off. The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 brings the benefits of both aforementioned BT baby monitor products in a smaller size, whilst also boasting projection and an adjustable nightlight, making those first few months of sleep for the new baby even more relaxing.

The BT 200 Baby Monitor delivers an excellent sound level indicator, which also includes a lighting alert which sounds should the volume be turned off, keeping your baby safe and ensuring peace of mind for you at all times, and a talkback feature allowing for communication with the baby between rooms. The BT Digital Baby Monitor 250 possesses other strong core features like a room temperature monitor, a Cry Alert when the monitor is muted, a belt clip for hands-free monitoring and eight soothing songs to play to the baby as he/she sleeps. The most advanced of the BT products is their Digital 1000 Video Baby Monitor, which combines all of the key elements from the previous products whilst also delivering an excellent video screen to watch your baby, and allowing connectivity for up to four cameras so that you can save images for future photo albums.

Hush Vision also provide a chance to watch your baby as he/she sleeps with the Hush Vision Digital Video Baby Monitor. This eye-catching design, which combines a manual pivoting camera with striking and soothing colour, includes a 3.5' TFT LCD colour screen display, along with a walkie-talkie function and a night light/night vision function, ensuring that you can still see your baby while they are asleep.

Finally, there's the baby monitor products that we supply from Samsung. To begin with, the Samsung Additional Baby Camera For SEW-3036 allows for a built-in microphone and speaker, and is perfectly compatible with other Samsung products such as the Samsung SEW-1019 Additional Camera; this is also expendable for up to four cameras. The Samsung Additional Baby Camera For SEW-3037 allows for an add-on to the SEW-3037 camera, and contains an ideal two-way audio function, a night-light and excellent infrared night vision to keep a close eye on your baby, along with a temperature sensor. Last but not least, there are the Samsung BabyView Baby Monitoring systems, with two versions compatible for the SEW-3036 and the SEW-3037. The most advanced of the Samsung baby monitor products, they boast outstanding LCD monitor screens, with crisp and clear video, a night-light, infrared vision, an environmentally-friendly eco power save mode and a range of up to 800 feet, perfect for those with larger houses or during holidays.

All of the baby monitor products that we distribute are of a high standard and can perfectly assist you both during pregnancy and in the early months of your new baby's life. From superb sound to HD imagery and video to infrared and two-way talk functions, all of these baby monitor products can make life that much easier during a crucial time in both yours and the baby's life, and will help all involved to sleep a little easier!

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