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Baby Monitor With Camera

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Simple Telecomms are currently providing a number of packages which offer the innovative baby monitor with camera product.

Samsung have developed a superb range of baby monitor products which, as the name suggests, include a built-in camera. The baby monitor is designed so that you can see that your baby is sleeping well during the night, or even during the day, and the camera provides excellent, clear, high-definition images as and when you choose. The system can even be expanded to include up to four cameras should you choose this. As if that wasn't enough, the baby monitor not only has a built-in camera, but also a built-in microphone and speaker. These allow you to both hear and speak to your baby via the monitor system, which is handy during the night if the baby happens to wake up or is crying, as you can look to quickly soothe and relax the baby via the monitor microphone and speaker.

We are providing several Samsung baby monitor with camera packages: two of these are completely wireless, with a range of 275 metres ensuring that the pure digital signal will be immune to interference from other household electrical items, and there is also the smaller additional baby camera, designed primarily for use with the monitor, which stretches up to
250 metres and has integrated infrared LED lights to ensure 24/7 monitoring, as well as being wall mountable for easier room set-up and access. The Samsung monitors also attach with different camera models, as noted below.

Samsung are not the only product maker for the baby monitor with camera items that we supply. BT also has a superb option in the form of the BT Digital 1000 Video Baby Monitor with clear sound and video, a secure digital wireless connection and five calming, relaxing lullabies, along with a 50 metre indoor range and a 300 metre outdoor range. There's also the Hush Vision Digital Video Baby Monitor, which focuses on reducing energy use while delivering a friendly, flexible interface, a walkie-talkie function, baby alarms and a built-in temperature monitor, a great option for mothers who want to know that their babies remain warm, but not too warm, during the night.

The Samsung Wireless Baby Monitor with Camera SEW-3037 is available for £153.99. The Samsung Wireless Baby Monitor with Camera SEW-3036WP/UK is in stock for £129.99. The Samsung Additional Baby Camera For Sew-3036 can be bought for £51.99, whilst you can buy the Samsung Additional Baby Camera For Sew-3037 for £99.99. The BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 is available for £99.99. Finally, the Hush Vision Digital Video Baby Monitor is in stock for £131.99.

For more information about the various, high-quality baby monitor with camera packages that we provide, you can visit

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