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The power of webinars

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The world of communication is ever-evolving. Technology is opening up so many options to us all, but in particular in the world of business. Webinar technology has revolutionised the way that we learn and communicate.

Webinars are the perfect vehicle for sharing knowledge. They are internet-based events, shared via web browsers. Easy to  join, all you need is the right equipment : laptop/tablet and a headset and you're good to go.

If you're delivering a Webinar then there's little difference between that and a normal presentation. Only, the chances for people to interact are increased. Engagement is higher during a live Webinar but it doesn't have to be live.You can host a Webinar when convenient to you, particularly if you're making it available online for people to access whenever they want to. 

A Webinar can be accessed potentially by people anywhere in the World. The potential is there to connect a lecture in London with students throughout the UK and of course beyond. Traditional forms of education can be extended. Access is no longer limited to those physically sat in the lecture theatres. As a teaching tool, the benefits are there. 

From a corporate perspective, a company can deliver training to its staff worldwide, with very little cost. Webinars can be accessed live but can also be viewed at a later date and repeatedly. Perfect for corporate training. 

A therapist could offer support to a client who is unable to attend a face-to-face session. Or, could counsel a group of people, offering group therapy sessions at very little cost. 

As a marketing tool, Webinars can be powerful. Whether its a gift to clients or potential clients, such as training; or whether it's an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, Webinars could be just what a business needs to gain more leads or to even persuade your audience to buy. A Webinar can build your credibility as a brand. 

Any organisation could potentially harness the power of Webinars. It's well-established that people react more positively and retain more information from visual communication, rather than text. Although it's a relatively new format, more and more organisations are embracing it.  Presenting information and allowing live interaction via Webinars is revolutionising how we communicate. 

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