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Don’t Panic! Dealing with minor emergencies as a stay at home mum

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Becoming a parent is a massive test. There isn’t a guidebook telling you what to do, you just have to make up the rules as you go along. As the advert says, "you don't have to sit an exam, no-one asks for your CV, you have no experience, but the job's still yours.":



Starting a family and becoming a parent is the steepest learning curve life throws at us and no matter how quickly we learn, we all make a mistake or 10 along the way.

You should always stay prepared should the worst happen. By doing this you will be able to take any emergencies, as worrying as they may be, firmly in your stride. This list gives young mothers food for thought when it comes to preparing for an emergency.


Survival Tips for Young / New Mothers


  1. First Aid Knowledge


From scrapped knees to something more serious, keeping a first aid kit, and knowing how to use it will help young Mothers bail themselves out of many a problem.


  1. Know your property –


85% of all accidents happen within the home. With that in mind, you should aim to prep your home to help either avoid accidents or deal with them when they arrive. For example, make sure you know where your stop cock is should there be a leak, ensure your smoke alarms are fully operational, invest in baby gates to fall proof your stairs and always remember to put a burglar alarm when you leave the house.


  1. Keep an emergency contact list –


From time to time, you will need to get in touch with certain people, services and organisations for support. Should the worst happen, time could be invaluable so give yourself a fighting chance by keeping a list of phone numbers including the likes of doctors, your children’s school, local police station, your work, friends and family or babysitters etc.


  1. Invest in an SOS phone


SOS phones are commonly used by elderly people by can also be considered a great option for vulnerable young mothers who need the peace of mind of having emergency contacts reachable by the click of a button. With an SOS call button and 2 picture buttons it is easy for the user to make a quick phone call with simple one button dialling and in cases of emergency the wristband offers a one button option which will alert the telephone to start calling pre-programmed numbers whilst in speakerphone mode so that the user can quickly gain assistance.


As we all know, as rewarding and magical as it is, being a Mum isn’t easy. However, you can organise yourself to be well prepared to face any task by following some of the four survival tips we have suggested.




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