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Life hacks for young mums

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life hacks for new mums


It's often assumed that assisted living products are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of older family members, but sometimes it’s the novice parent who feels more confident with these products as she settled into a new, somewhat terrifying lifestyle change. As visitors we're often so focused on the new baby, we tend to forget about the mother who runs a risk of experiencing post-natal depression.


According to the charity 4Children around 3 in 10 new mothers may suffer from the condition, so why not gift her one of these products as a reminder that you're always here if she needs you?


Panic button phones

With a new arrival, first-time mums are flocked with visitors. But the time comes when she’s left alone with her baby; it can be blissful, but overwhelming. Should things all become too much, with the CPR Call Blocker Mobile Phone CS600 her health visitor, GP or partner are only the click of a button away. The phone will ring and text up to five programmed numbers to alert them of a problem, and if no response is reached from the first number it will continue to call each contact until someone is reached - so nervous Mums know backup is moments away.


Baby monitors

Baby monitors have come a long way. Thanks to products such as the Hush Vision Digital Video Baby Monitor, Mum will be alerted if baby stirs through a constant video feed. The night vision function means no lights will disturb the baby, vision possible even under full darkness – so Mum can get along with household chores, or relax with a novel and face mask. Should baby stir, the talkback function allows them to be reassured by the sound of Mum's voice. There is also a choice of eight different lullabies to help them drift back off, and a built in temperature monitor allows her to ensure baby is kept comfortable, taking action by turning on heaters or opening windows before they even notice. 


 Corded headsets

Not just for office use, corded headsets are great for busy parents. She’s going to be changing a lot of nappies, so catch up with friends and family hands free, undisturbed by baby's bodily functions.


Call blocker phones 

Nuisance calls are the bane of all our lives, and are especially infuriating to the busy mum who could do without rocking a rudely awakened baby back off to dreamland. As well as blocking unwanted calls, an excellent function of products like the BT 8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone is the 'do not disturb' mode so she and baby are left in peace to enjoy quality bonding time.


Bringing home a new baby is a beautiful experience, so help her enjoy it with the reassurance that she isn't alone and an ability to keep an eye on her child without sacrificing time to herself. 



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