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Accidents happen: be prepared with an SOS Phone

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In an emergency, getting to a phone could save a life. However, for some people a simple, daily task like this is a hard one to complete. 

We all know that as we get older, some tasks become more difficult. Unfortunately for some elderly people, using the phone is a difficulty that in this day and age they shouldn't have to face. Luckily an SOS phone is a device designed to assist the elderly if and possibly when, an emergency should occur. 

The idea of any kind of emergency occurring is stressful in itself, but the SOS phone is designed for complete peace of mind. Knowledge that it's in your home is something that could put any nerves at ease.

How can an SOS phone help in an emergency?

Falling down is a potential hazard for anyone, but even more so for someone in the elderly bracket. Being in a position that can only be described as helpless is a very scary thing and the idea of not being able to get help, even more so.

But luckily, this isn't just a phone. 

An SOS phone comes with features such as a separate wristband with a button that immediately connects to the telephone altering it to ring an already pre programmed number, on speaker phone mode, so even if you've fallen over, are stuck, stranded or not directly able to get to your phone (say an accident has happened in the next room, or other side of the room) you will able to instruct the person on the other end of the phone on how to help you. 

Even if you do not use the wristband to call someone, you can answer a call with it, even if someone calls you. So if you cant, or don't want to lift the receiver you are able to talk to someone, as again this will activate speaker phone mode.

The phone is easy to use, which in times of hurry is an essential feature. With big buttons and a lit up LCD screen, the keypad is easy to read and the highlighted screen allows you to make sure you're ringing the right person first time. Saving time and frustrations. And perhaps a life.

A built in phone book is an essential feature with an SOS phone. Remembering numbers is difficult for most of us, but the memory problems that come with old age don't help. Especially in a situation where someone, say your nurse or a neighbour needs to be contacted. Saving the numbers in an electronic phone book is an easy way to over come any forgotten phone numbers. 

Like most phones these days, caller ID is a safe and essential way to know who's contacting you. With an SOS phone, these names (or unknown numbers) are announced out loud, replacing the need to read out numbers and names across a scrolling screen. As it is unfortunately known, many elderly people are often victims of fraud and scams over the phone, something that could lead to a financial emergency or even an dangerous situation. If you don't recognise the name the phone is telling you, you don't need to pick up. Giving yourself that added reassurance. 

Picture buttons are also a clever and helpful feature of an SOS phone. Pressing the enlarged buttons with a photograph or picture on it allows an immediate phone call to be made to that person. Making a panicked situation less frantic with the ability to talk to a loved one as soon as possible. Hopefully calming you and your emergency. 

It's sometimes easy to overlook how important a phone call can be, especially  if making one could save a life. Making this process one accessible for all could save even more.  

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