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The rise of the 'How-To' video

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The internet is full of how to videos. If anyone has a desire to learn, be it a song on the guitar or how to apply eye liner in a straight line, there's a video out there. Probably more than one. Every creator, or 'guru' has their own style, but all of them would have needed to start out with the basic skills and kit needed to get their instructive video's up and running.

How can a how to video help your business?

With the Youtube generation growing every day you'd be forgiven for thinking how-to videos are the exclusive domain of teen wannabes. This isn't true, there is a hugely diverse range of people making how-to videos and doing it well.

If you're a retail company with products to sell, a how to video is an impressive feature to add to your website. Video's spread like wild fire so it's easy for someone who has watched it to share it amongst friends, increasing interest in your website, which is great for brand awareness. 

Video helps explain what you're selling so much better than text. How many times have you read or even picked up an object in a shop and read the instructions on the back, only to put it back down. Seeing is believing. A video is the perfect wayto demonstrate how a product works. The shopping channels on TV have been doing this successfully for years.

Videos are more exciting. Full stop. You see a video, you click on it. Grab an audiences attention without confusing them with flashy images, a friendly, instructive video helps retain information and tell the world about your business.

Easy ways to create a how-to video

1. Make sure you know what you're talking about. Before you read on about camera's, head sets and editing, make sure you've done you're research. A half informed how to will leave people confused and clicking on to another video. Also, you may have some competition if this isn't your invention. Keep it simple and correct. 

A really good way to  make sure this is a fluent feature of your video is to write a script and learn it. It's okay to ad-lib, just don't go off track. 

2. Expert?

If you ARE the inventor then you will be the expert. If not, get advice or draft one in as another dimension to your video. It'll look very professional and means the viewer will see your product/business as a trustworthy one. The actor may be good at reading scripts and camera eye contact, but may not be great at building a bookcase.

3. Equipment

The video must look good. Sound good. Be good. A decent camera that won't go in and out of focus,  microphones that work for great audio and editing software that even as an amateur, you could make look fluent and professional.

Sound is a very important part of a how to video, watching a demonstration in silence could do the job, but being talked through it is a comforting way to connect to your viewer. A headset is a good idea, and the ones at Simple Telecomms are a great way to start creating you how to videos. Noise cancelling, and cable free it allows you complete a recording and talk to others without any distractions. 

4. Test it out first

Practice makes perfect. Don't upload anything without checking it first in case any little thing has been said wrong, or just too complicated. 

Getting comfortable with a camera is half of the practice. Testing it out first, could save you some business. 

5. Promotion

You can promote your video all over the internet with the addition of social media in our society. A Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Youtube channel are all amazing and easy ways to promote your video. The best video in the world won't get anywhere if you wont allow people to watch it. 

Make your own how-to video

If it's something you've been thinking about doing, maybe now is the ideal time for you to stop thinking, start doing. We'd love to hear about your how-to creations, better still we'd love to watch them!

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