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I Can See Clearly Now.....

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Is it just me or does the World seem a brighter place when we can see clearly?

Wearing contact lenses can be, quite frankly, a real pain in the posterior but they are a necessary evil in order for me to be able to see clearly and not go round bumping into things.
When I got my first set of lenses I was given the instructions for cleaning them appropriately which included soaking them overnight, changing solutions, soaking again and generally taking up too much of my hard earned time for me to bother with everyday and as such I could often be found lenseless and somewhat senseless as I bumped off the obstacles around me. This situation improved with the introduction of the continuous wear lenses, until it was made clear to me that these too have to be cleaned if removed and they advise you not to sleep in them all the time - so continuous wear is somewhat non-continuous, marketing issue there?
So when disposable lenses appeared I thought 'yes, these are the answer I've been looking for', things were going well and it looked like I had found my solution.....until....after a couple of months our relationship hit a rocky part when I realised my bank balance was feeling the force of my trouble free contact lens wearing frivolity - and so it was back to the drawing board; with my blurred vision there were some interesting drawings!
So I went back to the beginning and analysed where it had gone wrong, realising that the problem lay not with the contact lenses themselves but with the cleaning process came as something of a light bulb moment and we set about finding a solution to the real issue.
Was there an answer that meant no more finger prints on my contact lenses and no more soaking in order to restore my crystal clear vision, well the short answer is no there wasn't. All cleaning solutions take their time to work so if you forget to put your lenses in when you take them out then there is no quick answer when the realisation dawns in the morning. Now, being like a dog with a bone there was no way I was about to let this matter go without a fight.

I had used Ultrasonic Cleaners before to clean my jewellery and knowing that this process uses nothing more than tiny ultrasonic bubbles in order to produce a very high standard of clean, I thought perhaps there was somewhere we could go with this in order to solve my current problem. So, after a little bit of experimentation - some of which ended in tears - the HSD 3200 was discovered. It was a very happy moment - some more tears!

The HSD 3200 allows you to clean your contact lenses in as little as 2 minutes - I know, I was amazed too but it really is true. Hands off cleaning means there is no contamination from hand to lens and with just a little bit of contact lens solution the machine does all the work for you. The ultrasonic bubbles gently and effectively clean your lens to a hygienic 'as new feeling' clean. The unit comes with all the little gadgets you need, lens holder, suction pin and tweezers and it comes in 3 colours - what more could you ask for? I for one am a happy contact lens wearer, it took a while but I got there - come join me!

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