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Wireless Headsets Offer Greater Productivity

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Why Choose Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets come with two pieces. The base piece connects to a phone and communicates with the headset using Bluetooth. This eliminates the hassle of cords, with the only limitation being how far the user can move from the base before losing connection. Bluetooth headsets use batteries, and users have to remember to keep the devices charged. Wired headsets offer a great hands free option but are not ideal if you need the freedom to leave your desk during a call.

Answering A Call Away From Your Desk

Most wireless headsets can be used with a lifter which answers your call without you having to lift the telephone receiver. Simply pressing a button on the headset itself will answer the call for you, meaning there is no rushing back to your desk to grab the phone before the caller gives up.

Wireless Phone Headsets with Voice Activation

Busy employees want to be as efficient as possible, and headsets with voice activation help them streamline their duties. The headsets respond to voice commands, which frees users from having to push buttons. The headsets can generally answer phone calls, terminate calls, mute calls, and activate speaker modes. Users should check on the specific voice commands included with different cordless phone headsets.


Wireless Phone Headsets with Noise Cancellation

Background noise is sometimes a bothersome issue with headsets because the microphones pick up all the noises in offices or homes. Users who work in loud environments should look for headsets with noise cancellation features. Noise cancellation blocks out almost all background noise and helps isolate the speaker's voice, resulting in clear communication. 

Headset Wearing Styles

Most wireless headsets offer multiple wearing options such as over the ear, over the head or some even come with a neckband option which can be worn behind the head. Headband headsets feature a band that is worn over the head to hold the device in place and this tends to be the most popular wearing option for busy offices. Headsets are available with either a single ear speaker which sits over one ear, or two ear speakers for users who need to fully concentrate on their call. A microphone extends out from the headset to the mouth and can be adjusted for the individual users. Those who work in loud offices can look for headsets with two speakers to block out noises, but most headband headsets come with single speakers to allow wearers to communicate with other people in the office when not on the phone.

Earpiece Headsets

The smallest devices to use are earpiece headsets. These tiny speakers attach to the ears and have very small microphones. As technology progresses, these small devices continue to improve, but many older models have issues with call clarity. The lightweight nature of the earpieces makes them comfortable, but they do require charging regularly to maintain usability. These are a great option for occasional usage throughout the day a more solid option would be recommended for all day use.

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