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Call Blockers New Range

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OK, so since launching our business, along with our brand new shiny phone system, we eagerly awaited that first phone call for that first sale - what we didn't anticipate was that our excitement would be short lived when we realised that the first caller we had was actually trying to sell 'us' something!

We all know how annoying these cold callers are, and they always seem to call at the worst moments - just put tea on the table, they'll call - just sat down after a long day on your feet, they'll call - it's almost of if they know when the most inconvenient time is, do you think they do research?

Want to stop these annoying callers in their tracks? You've probably all heard the latest adverts for BT 8500 phones with Janet Street Porter waffling on about annoying people - how ironic I hear you say - but she fails to tell you that there are a wide number of products available which can stop these callers getting through to you.
Along with the BT phones which have built in call blockers, you can also get stand alone call blockers to add to your current phone so there is no need to purchase a whole new system, and if you have elderly relatives who need a mobile phone for emergencies then we even have a call blocking mobile with a built in emergency button. We've covered all the bases so all you need to do is decide what solution is best to help you regain peace and control over your home phone.

But remember, as always, if you need any help then we are here for you - we'll keep it simple and guide you in the right direction - no pressure and definitely no cold calling!

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