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Home office design tips

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Are you a person who works from home? If so, then creating the right working space is absolutely essential. Here are some useful tips/ideas when it comes to creating the perfect home office.


The colour of your office will have an impact on your productivity. Dull colours, such as greys and whites are said to create feelings of sadness and gloom. On the other hand, colours such as greens and blues are proven to increase efficiency and focus, leading to an overall sense of wellbeing. The colour yellow is also said to create optimism and energy, having a particular impact on creative people such as writers and artists. Painting your walls Yellow or Green will probably turn out garish, so keep your walls plain and accessorise to inject colour.


The top of your computer screen should ideally be slightly below your eye level. Position your keyboard so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Invest in a comfortable desk chair that you can sit in for hours on end. You should adjust your chair so that your feet rest firmly on either the floor or a footrest.


Rather than placing your desk against a wall, move it closer to a window if possible. This will provide you with the benefits of natural light rather than making you feel like you’re in a dark, secluded place. However, even if you have some natural light, you’ll still need additional lighting for darker hours of the day. Why not opt for some table lamps, which provide your working area with a nice, soft glow.


Make sure you have the right equipment to store your paperwork adequately. There’s nothing worse than being disorganised and leaving paperwork scattered around. Filing cabinets, bookshelves, desktop organisers and drawers are all productive ways of storing things. In order to work successfully in your office, it’s crucial that you keep things organised so that you can access them easily when you need them. Keep all your office supplies (for example, pens, scissors, stapler, stamps) to hand. You could even purchase a small fridge or a coffee maker if you’d like a few beverages throughout the day. Just be mindful to take a proper lunch break without staying in the office all day. It is important that you leave your office to eat a proper lunch or to stretch your legs, as you need to make a clear definition between work and resting time.


Why not bring your office to life by putting in some plants? Plants are proven to make people happy and to be therapeutic, increasing your concentration span as a result. It is important to create a harmonious working environment and another benefit of plants is that they don’t take much looking after – just a little bit of water every couple of days.


Your office is your safe haven when it comes to your work life. So, if you’re working from home then it’s vital that you do all you can to create the perfect working environment.

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