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What's to like about the daily commute?

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Whenever we accept an appealing job offer, very few of us give too much thought about the length of time it might take to travel to work each day. After all, it doesn’t seem too far away and we can either drive or use accessible public transport. It is only once we adjust to the situation that we take into account all of the inconveniences (and bug bearers) of our daily commute to work. Here are some of the commuting issues that never fail to cause a rise in blood pressure.

  • Rush hour - There is nothing worse than being stuck in a never-ending queue full of traffic. It is annoying and frustrating, especially when you have to leave an hour earlier for a journey that should only take about ten minutes.
  • People not letting others off the bus before they get on - This is rude and pointless because the bus won’t leave any quicker. Instead, a delay will be caused and the bus will have to remain stationary for even longer.
  • People not letting you pass to get off the train - on days when your train in absolutely packed full of people, it can be difficult to get off when it reaches your stop. There’s nothing worse than having to push past people who are too rude to let you get through.
  • People not standing up for pregnant or old people - This is the definition of disrespect. The selfish act of not sacrificing your seat for those who need it more is inexcusable.
  • People playing loud music - There’s nothing worse than college boys who think that blasting their music out of their phones makes them macho and important.
  • People who put their bag on an empty seat -  It is incredibly frustrating when you have to give somebody a meaningful glare when they have placed their belongings on an empty seat so that you can’t sit down.
  • People eating takeaway food on public transport - The smell can work either way. If you’re hungry it will frustrate you and if it’s too early in the morning, then it will nausiate you. It’s also revolting when leftover tubs and bits of food are left on the train or bus.
  • Smelly people - Sitting next to a smelly person is a truly disgusting experience. The smell can be that strong that it is overwhelming and sometimes you’ll wonder if these people can actually smell themselves!
  • Drunks - There’s always that one person who stumbles on board that reeks of whisky and utters complete nonsense out loud. It’s 7am for God’s sake!
  • Delayed trains or buses - This is the biggest issue of them all, because delayed public transport means being late for work for reasons beyond your control.

These are just a handful of things we have to contend with when travelling to work. Imagine how much better your day would be if you worked from home.

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