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The Joys of Working from Home

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the benefits of working from home


Home is where the heart it, so the saying goes. This applies to not only the place you call home, but your actual home. We surround ourselves with familiar objects, comfortable furniture, we can adjust the heat to whatever temperature we want, and we can wear exactly what we want. However, when we leave this comfortable space and enter the public domain we must leave our home-personality where it belongs.

Now, think if you didn't have to leave the comfort of your own home to go to the office? If that isn't bliss than what is?

Here are some of the other joys and wonders of working from home:

You save a whole bunch of money: Think about it, when you leave the house, unless you walk to work and bring a packed lunch every day you are going to spend money. Petrol, public transport, parking, lunches, coffee. They all cost money. Sometimes in the office it is easier to just go out and buy yourself a meal, especially if other people are doing it. If you work from home, you don't even need to leave the house! You're not tempted by the gorgeous smell of your office-neighbour's subway sandwich. You can simply walk to your kitchen and choose whatever you want!

Every day is casual Friday: Isn't casual Friday just the happiest day of the week? Well what about when every day is casual Friday? You can wear whatever you want, the most hideous but comfortable tracksuit you've ever seen, and no one will judge you. There is minimal effort needed, you won't have to worry about applying makeup at all. Being relaxed and casual creates a happier work environment, too!

You can laugh in the face of commuters: Don't you just love the daily rant of the commuters on Facebook? The endless rants about how many hours it took them to get to work, the smelly guy they had to sit next to on the bus, the girl with headphones obliviously singing out of tune at the top of her voice, how long they were stuck in traffic, and when they had to wake up to get out in time? Well, when you work at home, you can literally roll out of bed and open your laptop. You save hours and hours of your life not stuck on a motorway/train/bus, and in the extra time you earn not being on the road, you can brag about in on the status of your commuter-friends!

No office drama: Being sucked into the office drama is inevitable, and sure, sometimes it can be entertaining, but mostly it gets tiresome. Especially when the gossip is about you! When working in an office people tend to overshare every detail of their life, and sometimes you may be interested, sometimes you just want to drink your coffee and work. When you work from home you can still communicate with others through internet and phone, but you won't hear every boring detail, only the most important bits. It gives you much needed personal privacy, and no rumours going round about you.

Work when creativity strikes! It's important when working at home to have a schedule, so as not to just sit around and waste your time, but sometimes creativity strikes at the weirdest of times. If you get a brilliant idea at 3am it means you can just flip your laptop open and start writing!

Unsocial? I think not! Aren't we all going on about how communication is online nowadays? All it takes is a phone call, a quick message and then you're speaking to someone! Also, since you're home it means people can pop by whenever they are near, and you'll always be there to talk to the delivery man!

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