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5 principles of Cold Calling (for Beginners)

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When promoting certain products/services either in person or over the telephone, you are exposing yourself to the typical stereotypes that are an inevitable part of the territory. The general public will dismiss you as a pest or a nuisance and will usually hang up the phone without giving you chance to finish. There is a solution to this, however, which is known as 'cold calling'. In a nutshell, cold calling is the ability to approach a customer openly, meaningfully and professionally, with a sensible proposition. It is focused on action and initiative and enables success as a result. Every good leader and successful entrepreneur has the ability to perform cold calling to a high standard - this is part of the reason as to why they are masters in their fields.

I don't know anybody who likes to cold call. The reason why it's such as disliked job is because it involves a lot of rejection. There's 2 ways to deal with this; learn to accept rejection better, and/or, get better at calling so there's less rejection.

When it comes to cold calling, you are the boss. You own it. You are in charge of it. You can mould each situation into whatever you wish to make it. Here are some useful tips when it comes to cold calling:

  1. Preparation - This includes preparation of yourself, your knowledge and who you're representing. 
  2. Introduction - Start by explaining who you are and what your products/services entail. Do this briefly yet thoroughly and use key phrases if necessary.
  3. Questioning - Ask appropriate questions. Sell and push without going in too hard.
  4. Body language - You don't need to see someone to read their body language. Listen to their tone of voice to judge if they're interested. Inform and educate them in the process.
  5. Stay in control - Have confidence in your technique and keep ultimate ownership (by now you will probably be selling).

By applying these five principles, you will become a dab hand at cold calling and like many other entrepreneurs, it could lead to you becoming a master of your field. 

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