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Home-workers telephone kit

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If you run your business from home and regularly use the telephone, then here at Simple Telecomms, we have the perfect phone kits for you. Designed specifically for use at home, our Kit comes with a professional specification Agent 1100 Desk Phone which has been paired with a HSD 308 Headset in order to produce telephone system that is ideal for home workers.


The Agent 1100 Desk Phone has a high quality LCD screen that is easy to view and makes reading the phones menu and features very simple.  the day, time, date and call duration is also shown on the screen. A phone book included (for up to 50 entries) allows you to save all of your important numbers to the device. There is also the option to use quick-dialing facilities - the 4 one touch and 10 two touch quick dial buttons ensure that your regularly dialed numbers are available at the touch of a button. 


The Call waiting option ensures that you'll never miss an important call. As well as this, the Do Not Disturb function will guarantee that you are never disturbed before or after business hours. The device also comes with a mute button, providing you with the facility to block out any unwanted background noise. In contrast, there is also built in speakerphone, meaning you can communicate hands free if you prefer. The Agent 1100 is the perfect phone for homeworkers and its built in headset port allows you to communicate all day at ease. The HSD308 Headset included with the kit comes complete with the correct phone lead and is ready to use straightaway once connected to the phone. Easy-to-wear and lightweight,  the headset provides  the user with high quality audio whilst blocking any unwanted noise from the other end of the line. Also, a noise cancelling microphone is there to cut out any background noise to ensure that a clear conversation can be had between you and the person you're calling.


Contact us for more information about the Agent 1100 Desk phone, and other home worker kits or view our most popular kit by clicking here

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