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How to care for your headset and your health

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There are many businesses in today's society that use headsets and other accessories. As technology moves forward and new discoveries are made, businesses have to move forward too.

Headsets are slowly replacing phones with their built-in ear and mouthpieces. But can the benefits of modern technology be a hindrance on our health?

According to medical experts, those who frequently wear headsets are obliviously exposing themselves to unexpected breakouts and skin infections.

A swarm of unpleasant bacteria could be multiplying in your equipment without you even knowing! Read on for a detailed guide on how to sanitise and care for things that come in close proximity to your ears, mouth and hands.

  • To lower your chances of infection, you must clean your ears regularly. A well known way of doing this is dipping two drops of olive oil into your ear canal to remove any build up of wax. Use cotton buds to keep your ears clean and dry, but only in the outer part of your ear. Pushing a cotton bud into your ear could cause infections or even rupture your ear drum.

  • Keep your hands well sanatised by washing them regularly - especially prior to putting on a headset.

  • Ensure your headsets are in good hygiene by cleansing and disinfecting them regularly. A simple anti-bacterial soap solution along with a thorough rinsing should do the trick - but make sure you clean the covers only as most headsets are not waterproof.

  • When cleaning a mouthpiece, add a drop of Fairy Liquid to a bowl/glass and fill it with warm water. Ensure the water isn't too hot as this could damage the finish on your mouthpiece. Check the whole length of your mouthpiece is emerged within the water and leave it soaking for approximately 20 minutes.

There are many advantages to using accessories such as headphones, earplugs and mouthpieces. They make life in the workplace easier for lots of different reasons.

As with many things, however, using headsets can come with a price if you aren't hygienic about it. So, always take precautions to ensure your equipment stays germ free.

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