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The Humble Telephone is Far From Dead

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There’s all manner of ways we communicate in this digital and mobile age: email, text, Skype, social media, even apps like Facetime and Whatsapp. But there’s one method you shouldn’t rule out even though, to some, it might be seen as a bit old-fashioned.

The humble telephone – you remember that bit of plastic with a receiver you can talk to people on don’t you? – is still a great way to communicate, and reports of its demise are far from accurate. Don’t forget the ‘dog and bone’ has been around since the nineteenth century and has played a massive part in our lives. It revolutionised the way we contact each other. Before it we had to rely on the mail and then telegrams. We could now call anyone anywhere in the world whenever we wanted as long as they had a telephone.

And we can still do that today. There’s something nice about interaction with other humans. Speech and conversation is the most natural way to communicate and really understand each other. Sending an email, tweet or text is fine but how do you often can you fully convey what you mean or grasp the emotion of a message when they’re sent this way?

Of course, we have mobile phones nowadays so we can phone people while we’re on the go. And mobiles are fantastic but are no match for a telephone in some areas. How many times have you been talking to someone and their mobile’s cut off? Or their battery has gone flat? You can natter on a fixed phone for hours if you need to without fear of either of those happening.

Having a landline number gives your business an air of respectability too. If a company only has a mobile number, potential customers can often be put off. They think the business might not have a permanent base where they can call if anything goes wrong or isn’t a professional organisation. It doesn’t necessarily mean this but in business it’s all about creating the right impression, and having a telephone number where someone can contact you helps create that impression.

The humble telephone is far from dead.

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