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Why Buy a Gigaset Phone?

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Did You Know?

  • Gigaset phones are designed and manufactured in Germany – each year, Gigaset will produce and sell fifteen million phones.
  • Gigaset are a dedicated telephony manufacturer; this ensures that the focus is on telephones and nothing else.
  • Gigaset phones feature ECO DECT and ECO mode PLUS technology; this reduces the standby power consumption of your phone by 100%. When the phone is active, the reduction is 80% (see below for more details).
  • HSP™ is a new Gigaset technology that provides brilliant sound. With this integrated Gigaset innovation, telephone conversations have become a new experience – and have never sounded so clear.
  • In a 2011 test, every single top thirty phone in the WHICH Best Buy guide was manufactured by Gigaset.
  • Every prototype Gigaset phone is subjected to a series of endurance tests to guarantee world-class quality and reliability. If even the smallest fault is found, it is sent back to the drawing board.

How are the Phones Tested?

Before a Gigaset phone can be signed off by the head engineer, it will undergo a series of stringent machine-operated tests designed to mimic a “worst case scenario” in the home environment. Each phone is designed to comfortably withstand the harshest of treatment on a daily basis:

  • Each keypad button is pressed 100,000 times
  • Each handset charging cycle is activated 25,000 times
  • Each handset is placed into a trouser pocket containing dust and crumbs 10,000 times
  • Each phone is subjected to a series of temperature shocks from -25 to + 55 degrees Celsius
  • Each phone is dropped on its edge and side 16 times from a series of heights
  • Each phone is placed in a dust oven intermittently over a period of 8 days

Because Gigaset are so completely confident in the quality and reliability of their handsets, you'll receive an extra year's guarantee free of charge.

Is the Sound Quality Really That Good?

Hearing is believing. Gigaset take pride in the sound quality our phones deliver. We've created High Sound Performance (HSP) protocols to provide better sound quality than normal analogue landline phones.

To protect our phones from sound quality degradation caused by electronic interference from other devices, we test each prototype phone in an electromagnetic testing chamber. It's isolated from the rest of the testing laboratory and shielded with dampening material. Our phones easily withstand testing cycles that transmit power levels of up to 2,500 volts. This testing ensures that each phone has exceptional sound quality - even in areas with large amounts of electronic interference.

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